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Yoga is the best form of exercise for people of any age group. Though yoga has gained importance recently, it was well practiced by our forefathers. In ancient days yoga was considered as the only remedy for some major ailments. Even today, yoga is being tried as a cure for some non-treatable diseases like HIV. There are three categories within yoga. They include yogasanas, pranayama, and meditation. It is essential to allot certain amount of time for all the three categories to have perfect results. In most of the Indian schools yoga is made as part of education. Let’s see some health benefits of yoga we can enjoy by the regular practice of yoga.

• In addition to the free radicals of alcohol and cigarette smoking, a great number of these toxins are released within the body as a result of metabolic activities. These free radicals promote the aging process. It has been shown that regular practice of yoga regulates the free radical count to a great extent.

• Individuals with health risks like diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, fatigue, asthma can reduce the risk level by regular practice of yoga. Yoga professionals say that yoga has the power to control mind and other involuntary actions like heart beat, thereby relieving some of the major body ailments.

• Yoga asanas that involve the practice of various postures improves lubrication between joints making the movements very flexible. This is the reason behind the cure of arthritis by yoga.

• Through the mental power gained from yoga, one can obtain the power to withstand greater degree of pain.

• Concentration that develops by regular practice of yoga does not only not helps in day to day activities but also gives the courage to face even the worst scenarios with confidence.

• A healthy mind is the secret of success in all of your endeavors. Through regular practice of yoga you can increase the concentration power, a main requisite for good work.

• In addition to the major ailments like diabetes, arthritis and asthma obesity can also be reduced by regular practice of yoga asanas. Most of these exercises concentrate towards improving the fat metabolism that results in the breakdown of fats.

• Individuals with eating disorders can obtain help through yoga practice which controls emotional eating habit caused by anxiety.

• Yoga asanas have the power to stimulate all the body parts by increasing the rate of blood circulation. This helps to eliminate the wastes very easily and ultimately, you can enjoy perfect health free of illness.

• In addition to gaining control over major illnesses through reducing anxiety, yoga offers resistance to diseases. This is achieved through activation of the immune system, system that offers protection against external agents like pollutants and infectious agents.

• Apart from internal protection yoga offers strength and it even helps to build muscles. Hence, it makes you capable enough for any sort of work that involves the use of physical energy.

• Yoga helps to discover your internal powers, a major requisite for success in life.

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  • Thank you for your well written and interesting article on yoga. I have been practicing yoga for a year now (I am a 50 year old woman) and I have been simply blown away by the benefits I have experienced.

    My asthma has gotten a lot better, it had seemed to be getting worse and worse and I was getting quite worried about what I was going to do about it, so that has been the major health benefit for me. But the benefits have not stopped there, my weight has gone down, I have found my appetite has changed so that I naturally want healthier foods (YES REALLY!!!) and I have felt much more positive about myself and life in general. When I read this article, it really struck a chord in me; I have to agree with everything you wrote.

    THANK YOU for describing the effects of this amazing exercise so well, I hope more people take it up and experience the benefits it can offer.

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Mark Perry