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Interested to know about the various types of yoga? Here is the detailed information about it.

Iyengar Style: This style of yoga is best for beginners and for those with health problems like back pain. This can be considered as the basic yoga style, and one who masters Iyengar can easily practice other styles. It makes use of pillows, blocks and chairs to provide the needed support. Use of supports makes Iyengar yoga comfortable for everyone. In this style of yoga poses are retained for a long period and requires a great deal of concentration.

Benefits offered include increased flexibility of muscles; meditation practiced along with the postures helps to relieve tension and even reduces pain.

Asthanga: Asthanga yoga provides the needed muscle power and energy for athletes. Poses are hard to practice. Unlike Iyengar style the poses are not retained for a long time, they are quickly changed. This fastness generates greater muscle flexibility. The series of postures go from standing positions to seated, followed by bending postures, inversions, twisting postures ending with sun salutations. As can be seen the degree of complexity increases slowly serving as a type of warm up for the body. Major benefit offered by this style of yoga is control over breathing problems.

Bikram Yoga: This style of yoga is for only those individuals with good strength and fitness. This is practiced in a room with temperature above normal and this heat demands much strength. This involves a series of postures that are practiced in a specific order. This is the best yoga style for obese people. One can lose around 350 to 600 calories per session.

Hatha: This is best yoga style to get rid of the strain that has accumulated throughout the day. Postures are very simple to practice and it concentrates much on meditation. This also helps you to relieve from mental pressure.

Kundalini Yoga: This is a combination of postures, meditation and chanting mantras. This style of yoga concentrates much in increasing the mind power rather than on physical strength. It is said to have a healing power. Kundalini yoga as the name suggests, activates the hidden kundalini energy of spine.

Jivamukti: This style of yoga is specifically designed for westerners.

Kripalu: This style shows a step wise concentration on various aspects. In the first stage, meditation is given importance and when the body tunes up, postures are practiced. The period for which the postures are practiced is gradually increased.

Sivananda Yoga: It is a set of twelve postures with a combination of sun salutation, breathing exercises, and chanting.

Viniyoga: This is the style of yoga that best fits the needs of elderly people, sick and also for beginners. This style of yoga is said to have a healing power. It is practiced at a slower pace and helps in strengthening the body.

Bhakti-Yoga: It is dedication towards to the god that one believes in.

Mantra Yoga: This involves deep meditation through chanting of mantras like ohm and hum. Mantras are chanted just to gain concentration from external disturbances.

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