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Most of them are suffering health risks due to the sedentary life style, altered eating habits that concentrate less on nutrition and the busy daily routine that allows one to dedicate very less or no time for physical activity. Most common problem that we see in younger generation today is obesity. The problem of overweight should be dealt with proper care, or else it can lead you to other major health risks like diabetes, arthritis and heart related diseases. In this article an attempt has been made to show the importance of yoga and how it helps to regulate obesity.

Yoga involves different sets of postures that fit well for individuals of all age groups and health conditions. There are different types of yoga, some concentrating on the physical ability while some concentrate on developing mental abilities. It is suggested to practice yoga under the guidance of professionals at least in the initial days until all the rules are known. To enjoy the benefits of yoga to full extent, it is essential to practice the postures in the right manner. In some cases it may even result in adverse effects.

If you wish to lose all your weight over the night, then it is not a very good idea. It will damage your skin and makes it look saggy. Never go for such programs which promise weight loss in a very short period. You may lose weight but will not retain it. Yoga is the best practice to lose weight gradually. One suggestion is that have a health check up before you start any weight loss regime. For example, if you are suffering from health problems like thyroidism you can become normal once it is treated. In such cases, you only need exercises to maintain the weight but if you overdo yourself, it may result in additional health problems.

You can practice various yoga asanas concentrating on various body parts like hips, chests, abdominal muscles and thighs. Some of the yoga postures that help in your weight loss regime include, sun salutations, dog pose, cobra pose, angle pose, squat and rise pose, the two alterations of bridge pose (face up and face down), spinal twist, tree pose and butterfly pose.

Meditation is another form of yoga that also helps to lose weight. Regular practice of yoga helps to improve self control and hence, you can easily gain control over your food cravings and reduce your food intake.

Pranayama, a set of breathing exercises has profound influence on your health. It is a well known fact that most of the toxic elements are eliminated from the body during breathing. Hence, if you blow hardly through your chest, you are eliminating toxins from your body which helps to maintain good health. A healthy body can easily maintain optimum weight.

Naturopathic treatment: this involves the practice of regular yoga postures combined with treatment with things offered by nature. There are two variations of this, the chromo therapy which bases its treatments on sun rays and Hydro therapy which uses water for treatment. We know that having plenty of water helps to eliminate wastes through urine and water. If you take hot water bath after your workouts it helps to burn fat and eliminates any residual matter in your body very easily.

Apart from above yoga practices it is essential to be on vegetarian diet which is rich in fiber and all other nutrients to lose weight gradually and permanently.

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