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Pregnancy brings about many changes in your body. It is essential to cope with those changes and lead a normal life to have a safe delivery. We see most of them complaining of fatigue and morning sickness and start to lead a sedentary life style. This will not help in having a normal delivery and may require c-section which women wouldn’t love.

A regular practice of yoga will ease your body. Of all the various available poses in yoga, stretching poses are highly beneficial. They ease the body and also help to overcome the back pain problems, which are very common among pregnant women. However, it is suggested to practice yoga after having an advice from your physician and under the guidance of a professional. Never force yourself or do it with pressure, if you are unable to attain a posture. Take it gradually day by day.

Here’s some position from yoga asanas that help you in having a safe, normal delivery free of problems.

Padmasana: Also termed as butterfly pose. It helps to open up the groin area and hence, it plays good role in easing the child birth. Other associated benefits include opening of hips and thighs. This posture involves bringing both the foot near the pelvic region. If possible flap your legs against the ground fifteen to twenty times. Beginners should practice padmasana initially with one leg and then proceed with two legs.

Utthanasan: In this position feet are placed about three feet apart with toes towards outside and heels towards inside. Now, gradually lower your buttocks with hands freely hanging downwards. This is an excellent exercise that eases the labor.

Marjari asana: Sit with buttocks placed on heels. This is the pose similar to vajrasana pose. Now, slowly rise on your knees and bend forwards and rest on your palms. Next step is to keep the foot apart at least an inch width. Start to take deep breathes with your head raised and repeat the same with your head bent down. It is advised to repeat this for about six times. It is proved to strengthen the back, neck, shoulders and even the reproductive system. Hence, it is not only beneficial during pregnancy but also after pregnancy.

Meditation: It is quite common to have neural disturbances during pregnancy. Regular practice of meditation provides relief and also helps to develop the ability to control pains. Deep relaxation also termed as yoga nidra is another form of yoga that has same benefits as that of meditation.

Other asanas that help during pregnancy include Bhadra asana, Tada asana, Utkata asana and Paschimothan asana.

Regular yoga during pregnancy is not only beneficial to you but also for the growth of the baby. It is not only that regular yoga practice helps to manage weight.

In addition to the regular yoga practice it is essential to follow good dietary habits. Consume foods that are well balanced in all the nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals. This can be easily met by including foods from all categories like nuts, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. It is suggested to consume good amount of dairy products to meet the calcium requirements. If the calcium requirements are not met it will not allow the fetus to grow properly. Thus, the simple secret for healthy pregnancy is a regular practice of yoga and consuming healthy diet. Follow it and have a happy pregnancy period.

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