Fun Creative Ways to Ask a Girl Out

Many websites suggest typical ‘pick lines’ for asking a girl out. They are pretty impressive, but not many can express the lines in an appreciable way. Another acceptable attitude is to be your natural self while calling her out but having a funny and creative touch which would show the attention that a girl needs.

Try the following simple tips. They are just worth it!

• Leave a hand-written note expressing your sincere intention to celebrate ‘a special evening’ with her

• Small gifts like a bouquet of flowers at her door step can surprise her especially on a weekend morning. Send a note along with it asking her out for a lunch or dinner

• Generally, girls love chocolates. Send her a box of her favourite chocolates and place a small note inside the box and express how special she is to you. She would surely melt when she opens the box

• If she is an intellectual freak, send her a crossword, on completion of the boxes, it should reveal your name in the main column. Else, make a jigsaw and send it to her. Once she assembles, it should read “will you go out with me?”

• Dedicate a song to her secretively when she is with a group of friends

• If you are good at singing, surprise her by singing a song in a party which you attend with common friends

• Paint your invite on a windshield. This should not be done on a weekday though. She should be able to erase it easily

• Send her a cake and write a personal message on the icing asking her out

• Burn a CD with her favourite songs. At the end of it record a track with your voice asking her out

• Take a stuff toy and place a cute plastic bag stuffed with your poem or short note and make the toy hold the note. Leave it on her doorstep, ring a bell and disappear before she leaves. Come back to meet her in just five minutes to break the surprise and ask her out

• Tie a balloon in her car door with a spool of thread and invite her out

• Stuff the invite in plastic Easter eggs and send it to her

• Send her a toy airplane which delivers your personal message flying to her when she runs it

• Make heart shaped cookies and send it to her. Each cookie should have a letter. Once assembled, it should read a message like “waiting for you”

• Decorate her car and hang a small poster saying “Shall we go out together?”

• Send a funny poem on how you met, why you were so impressed with her and end it like “Waiting to spend more time with you over lunch this weekend”

The don’ts!

• Avoid asking a girl out the first time you meet her or over the internet or in the phone. It is definitely not preferred by them

• Take care only to surprise her and not shock her! There is a great chance that she would reject you if she finds your invite either insulting, displeasing or embarrassing


  1. You could play hangman and ask her out….and then when she sees it say now its my turn to guss.

  2. These tips will make you look like a psycho.

  3. Make it seem more genuine, maybe invite her to the beach and write "will you be my only" in the sand but make sure it doesn't wash away =)

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