Importance of Being Physically Fit

Going to the gym on a regular basis is a large commitment that will take up a lot of your time. It will affect your diet, your socialising and every aspect of your life. You’ll be tired and achy and sometimes it can feel like more hassle than it’s worth. The good news is that the positives by far outweigh the negatives. Here are a few of them.

Firstly, as you get stronger you’ll find that everything you do becomes easier. That’s everything from opening jam jars (if you eat jam) to moving house and shifting furniture. You don’t realise how often strength can help you in life until you have it. Even tightening screws or turning off a dicky tap. The benefits simply in these terms are amazing. This then extends further into sports, and you’ll find that you become much more formidable in any sport just by being stronger. In rugby no one will dare tackle you, in golf or cricket you’ll hit the ball miles, in running your bulky legs will propel you faster… As someone whose never had much of an interest in sports it’s nice to still be able to hold my head high on any pitch, course or ring. If only weight lifting would help me on the ice rink or the dance floor… It’s especially rewarding too when someone challenges you to an arm wrestle and you can promptly put them back in their place.

Being physically fit means you can do entirely new things that you couldn’t before just for their own sake. For example, doing handstand press ups, squeezing cans or lifting friends into the air are great fun and make great party tricks. I’m currently working on being able to lift and drag the back of my car which will be incredibly handy for parallel parking…

It’s also pretty good to know that being strong will greatly improve your chances in a fight. Your muscle will act as armour against other people’s punches and will also help you to generate far more power in your own. This won’t only mean that you’re safer on the street because you can protect yourself if you get into a fight, but also because people will be too afraid to pick fights with you in the first place!

But more than that weightlifting changes the way other people will perceive you and you’ll be instantly more confident, more imposing and more attractive. People will start to take you more seriously and look to you as a source of inspiration for their own training. It’s amazing how people see you differently when you’re in great shape, you give off more confidence and people instantly assumes it means you’re successful in every other area of your life too whether or not this is the case (in mine it turns out it’s not…). People are less likely to disagree with you too just in case you get hot. Where does the muscle bound meat head sit? Wherever he damn well wants!

The attractiveness aspect obviously is another great incentive to start working out. If you’re single then heading to a club with bulging arms will help your chances of pulling greatly as women see it as a sign of strength and that you can protect them. Unconsciously it also signals to them that you produce lots of testosterone which makes you good genetic material for potential offspring. If you’re going to the holiday or just to the beech a rock hard six pack will improve your chances even further and is the equivalent of a woman with a flat stomach and great pair of knockers for most girls. Even where girls don’t notice your new muscle they will notice the new confidence that comes with it and you’re far more likely to attract them for this reason too. If you’re currently overweight or above averagely skinny then all the more reason to hit the gym.

If you’re not single however, building extra muscle will still be worthwhile and your partner is sure to like the new you. There’s a good chance in fact that it could completely reinvigorate your sex life. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as your girlfriend squeezing your arm and squealing with delight. She goes to legs bums and tums for you and slips into those skimpy outfits, this is the least you can do to repay her…

Going to the gym though is also a great activity in itself and should be treated as more than just a means to an end. Firstly it’s the only place in the world where your challenges are uncomplicated, straightforward and simple. There are no rules, no complications, no surprises – and whether or not you succeed in achieving your goals comes down to you and you alone. It’s catharsis and a therapy both at once. Had a bad day? Take it out on the iron. It’s impossible to feel weak or like a failure when you’re going in there day after day and proving to yourself that you’re not. In that hour you are a champion, and you have more in common with the heroes of myth than with the other guys in your office or class. You’re preparing for a battle that may never come, improving yourself in every way so that you can face all of life’s challenges. It’s a higher purpose that rises above the beaurocracy and pettiness of so much of daily life.

When you’re a bodybuilder your very way of thinking changes. You begin to view all obstacles as challenges and all weaknesses as problems to be overcome. You’ve actually changed the shape of your body through your will alone, and you realise then that you have the ability to change anything you’re unhappy with. Your body is what you make of it and so is your life. You body is putty to be shapen as you wish and so is the world.

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  1. It does clarify why do we have to be fit for work.

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