Ways to Discipline a Teen

Lack of respect among teenagers is not something new. These days’ most of the teenagers are found to be aggressive and lack the basic respect that an individual needs to have for others. There are a number of things that can be blamed to this behavioral change observed in teens off late.

There are three points that attribute to the lack of respect observed among teenagers today. The changes that have come in the society have had a lot of effect on the lives of the teenagers. It has also been observed that teenagers learn a lot from elders and their role models. Hence, it depends a lot on how you as a parent or as an elder behave in front of your children.

With the help of positive discipline you can easily tackle this lack of respect among teenagers. Most of the people have a misconception about positive discipline and think that it is a set of techniques and logics. However, the positive discipline focuses on the general things like your behavior and bonding with your children, how frequently do you interact with them and talk about the latest things happening with them.

There are certain things that you can try out with positive discipline for teenagers who are lack of respect:

• The first thing that you should keep in mind is not to blame your child for any fault. Make him/her understand the mistake and keep your cool. Losing temper can be the first negative thing from your side to contribute towards your child’s behavior.

• Have regular chats with your teenaged child so that you are aware of what he/she is thinking about. Make sure that you bond with your child more as a friend and try and understand what is on their mind rather than leaving them on their own decisions.

• Teenagers these days have started believing in earning respect. They respect people who they feel deserve it from them. To start this off you need to focus on your behavior with your elders and also towards others.

• Make it a rule to never hit your kid or make him/her feel low in front of any other member. It is always better to handle your teenaged child politely in front of a gathering or any other member.

• Also, never scold your child in front of his/her friends. You can be firm but make sure it does not go beyond a certain extent where your teenaged child gets hurt.

With positive discipline, your aim should be to develop an internal means of controlling your child by the way you speak and express yourself. After all children learn what they see at home. Handling your teenager with positive discipline will result in your child developing to be a better problem tackler and effective communicator because they would know how to handle which situation.

Handling with positive discipline cannot only remove the barriers that your child would have developed but also make him/ her develop confidence and self-esteem. So make sure that the next time you see your teenager lacking respect for people don’t yell but get to the root cause behind it and tackle him/her with positive discipline.

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