Home Remedies to Kill Ants

Although ants are quite common pests, their presence can sometimes be just a nuisance. This is especially true if there are kids in the house.

Ants play an important role in maintaining ecological balance by the means of eating dead insects and decomposing tissue of various dead animals. In the world, there are more than 8500 species of ants, but only some species are found in residential places such as our house. This article discusses some of the most influential home remedies to get rid of ants. If you don’t like ants, there is no reason to allow them in your home.

Borax is a very effective ant killer. It should be used with a mixture of sugar to attract the ants. The appropriate method is to dissolve an adequate amount of borax and sugar in water to make a solution. The borax taken out of the sweetened solution can be used to kill the ants. Ants will carry the borax into the nests and would get eventually killed.

You can also sue vinegar to get rid of ants at home. The strong scent of vinegar repels the ants. The vinegar solution can be used at the entry points of the ants. This will keep them clogged in their nests and they will not venture out in your kitchen or other spaces. For proper effect, use two parts of vinegar with one part of water and spray, splash or wipe out.

Windex is also a very useful material in killing ants. This can be used on the groups if you know their dwelling place. For killing the ants, put it in for a minute and then wipe out. However, take care so that it doesn’t stain the carpets and upholstery.

Another effective solution for the ants’ problem is Vodka. Use it in proper concentration. However, the solution of vodka in water can be sprayed over the dwelling places of ants. This will get them drunk and eventually they would get killed.

Bleach cleaner is also a very effective way to get rid of ants. It can be used to wipe out the places where the ants may venture. However, do not sue bleach cleaners that contain ammonia or it may as well harm people.

Apart from killing the ants, keeping them away is also a brilliant idea. If they do not disturb you, you won’t need to get upset over the idea of killing ants either. Perfume is a very useful object in keeping ants away. Use it in the entry points of the ants and they will never bother you again. You can also use salt to keep the ants away. Use salt on the nests of the ants to steer them out of your home. Talcum powder is also useful in repelling ants. Apply it over the carpets and other places for a day, and then you can vacuum clean the places.

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