Get Rid of a Swollen Lip

Lips can get swollen due to extreme climatic conditions and dryness. It may also be caused due to insect bites, allergies, infections and even health deficiencies.

If you observe blisters or sores, consult a physician as it may be due to viral infection. Itchy or red lips indicate allergic reaction due to cleaning chemicals, detergents, perfumes and medicines. Do not use these allergic agents in order to avoid swelling. Cosmetics and lip care products may cause swelling if they cause adverse reactions on the skin. Stop using those lip care products that do not suit you or try and change to some alternate brand. In case your lip swelling is chronic, try changing your mattresses, bed linens and pillows.

Food allergies can also cause swelling on the lips. Identify those ingredients which does not suit your body and do not consume those dishes which contain those ingredients. Lip swelling may also occur due to nutritional deficiencies like vitamin B2.

You can also follow some of these simple home remedies to bring down the swelling.

• Press a cold compress pack filled with ice on the swollen area.

• Soak a soft towel in cold water and press it gently on the swelling for about half an hour. Repeat this remedy at least thrice a day for best results.

• Apply lip balms which moisturize your skin and can relieve you of pain due to dryness and swelling.

• In case you observe cuts in the swollen area, take warm water and dissolve a tsp. of salt. Dab this salt water on the cut with some cotton. You may feel a burning sensation but it is very useful to heal the wound and bring down the swelling. Salt is an excellent natural disinfectant and kills the germs that cause any infection on the cuts.

• Avoid using warm water in case there are no cuts. If more blood flows into the swollen area, it may induce more swelling.

• You can ice your lip with benadryl solution or use bromelin.

• Directly rub the ice over the swollen area gently for 10 minutes and take it off for another 10 minutes. You can repeat this process until you bring down intense swelling. If it hurts too much, you should not continue this remedy.

• Do not lick your lips if they are swollen as it may increase further.

• Drink water to keep your lips moist and hydrated.

• Avoid butter, cheese, refined wheat flours, coffee, tea, figs, nuts and foodstuff which contain additives.

• Hot water application can also help to reduce intense swelling.

• Apply Aloe Vera gel juice or gel or any form of extract of this plant every night before bedtime. This extract has anti inflammation properties and soothes your lips very well.

• Antihistamines can be consumed in case of severe swelling after consulting a physician.

• Ginger should be added to the diet to maintain healthy lips. You can also regularly drink ginger tea for avoiding the formation of edema which causes lip infections.


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