How to Take Care of Your Lips


It is very important to take care of your lips just like any other part of the body as dry, chapped or cracked lips would spoil your outward appearance. Healthy lips are soft and smooth to look at with a bright pink colour.

Lips should be well protected from the harsh weather conditions and extreme climates. Drinking plenty of water regularly helps you to keep your lips hydrated and avoid extra dryness. Avoid applying dark colour lip shades on dry or chapped lips as the cracks become more visible. Avoid licking your lips when it is too dry as it may worsen the situation than healing the cracks.

There are a variety of products available in the market especially for lip care. You can choose suitable choices based on the benefits, purpose and texture and maintain smooth-looking and attractive lips.

Lip balms are generally colourless and keep your lips moist and help in preventing chapped or dry lips. Some of the balms can also be used as pain relievers or sunscreens. Your beauty or health care store people can help you choose these special balms.

Lips glosses add a glossy touch to your lips and come with glitters or metallic or frosty finishes. Lip sticks are colourful waxy sticks with a nice and smooth texture. They may even come in the form of a pot. You can choose from various finishes like creamy, glossy, glittery or matte. Lip liners are available in the market generally in the form of pencils which can be sharpened or twisted out. They serve as a long lasting base for the lip gloss or lip stick that you can apply on your lips. You can also use these liners for outlining your lips.

Lip stains come along with lipsticks or can be purchased separately as they are long lasting as compared to lip sticks. These liquids come in bold colours that are generally very intense and can be painted on the lips carefully with a brush that is provided along with the lip stains. Lip paints are also used to colour your lips and are very well known for their staying power. However, they are rarely available in beauty stores.

Lip primers are waxy foundations that can be coated on your lips in order to prevent the lip colour from coming out of the outline. Lip plumpers are tingy sensation liquids which are generally colourless or are available in pale shades. They help in stimulating the flow of blood to the lips.

You can generally undergo lip care treatments if the damage is too severe or you want to give a change of look to your lip colour. These special treatments should be taken only after consulting a specialist doctor. Permanent lipstick is a treatment where you permanently change the colour of your lips through a procedure. Lip augmentation surgery makes your lips look very attractive. Lip piercing procedure involved penetrating into the lip or its surrounding areas.

In addition, it is vital to consume a nutritious diet that contains balanced amount of nutrients to keep a general good health. Food rich in vitamin B2 helps in avoiding the cracking of lips.

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