How and Why to Groom Your Tackle

Grooming your little man has for some reason become fairly stigmatised as men find it embarrassing to admit they pay any attention to it in case they become the subject of ridicule. The guys who tease though are missing out on a variety of benefits and subjecting themselves to unnecessary discomfort that will leave you with the last laugh.

By grooming I mean both washing and trimming the hair, and it seems crazy that as one of our most prized body parts, the humble dick should be subjected to far less vigorous regimens than the rest of our body. It should definitely be the other way round.

Of course you need to wash around your penis and underneath to prevent the build of dirt and of smelly, unattractive ‘nob cheese’. You also sweat a lot here and so it’s important to wash in order to prevent developing a nasty smell. While most guys will admit to washing however, it’s trimming the pubes that they’re a little more shy about as they seem to think it’s either gay or girly to take care in the appearance of their nether regions.

This thinking is out of date however and trimming your pubic hair isn’t just about looks. On top of improving your appearance, trimming your pubes will prevent the build up of sweat, the spreading of STIs and itchiness and discomfort. If you have a warm sweaty bush surrounding your bell, it becomes a perfectly moist environment to encourage the spread of germs and bacteria. You’ll be far more susceptible to diseases such as HIV and minor annoyances such as crabs which is both unpleasant for you and for your prospective partners.

Furthermore, having a warm sweaty bush becomes itchy and uncomfortable and can lead to rashes (which can be mistaken for STIs by some women which will severely ruin your chances). Long hairs can also get caught and tangled turning into cheese wire and leading to extreme discomfort. Don’t completely shave however as that’s almost just as uncomfortable when you start to get stubbly groin (not cool). You can also avoid other health complications just by being down there, and shaving or trimming might unveil lumps or other problems which you should immediately get checked out.

So look at the aesthetic value not as the reason you trim, but as a particularly pleasant side effect. Not only will it just look cleaner (due to actually being cleaner mostly) but at the same time it’ll look longer as less of it will be hidden. And the particularly pleasant side effect of this side effect is that it’ll mean you’re more likely to get a blow job… Who’s laughing now?

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