What Is Pet Dander Allergy?

Pet dander allergy is one of the most frequent forms of allergies that affect a great number of people. Most of the households have either dogs or cats as a pet, and having a pet dander allergy can be a common cause to get sick. There are many people who are also allergic to the saliva and urine of their pet; and the pet dander is the most widespread cause of this type of allergies. Let’s see what exactly pet dander allergy is.

The cause of this pet dander allergy is dander, which is the dry skin and the saliva that remains on the pet after your pets licks itself, some amount of saliva remains on their skin, and when dries in combination with the dried skin flakes causes pet dander allergy.

Usually it is thought that the hair on the pet causes the allergy. Though the hair of the pet can trap the dust and pollens, it is the pet dry skin or dander that results in your allergy. Now let’s see what should you do avoid the pet dander allergy.

If your pet dander allergy is very terrible then there is no option other than getting your pet a new home. In this case, it is possible that the dander would stay behind in your house for as long as six months. However, in case the dander allergy is not very severe, then the best that you can do is to keep the pet away from the person who is suffering from this allergy.

It is also better to keep the pet away from furniture where there is a possibility that dander might get collected and this can aggravate the allergy. Also, the person who is suffering from the pet dander allergy should stay away from any kind of physical touch with the pet.

If you have a cat as your pet and there is a person in your house who suffers from a pet dander allergy, then it is better that you keep the box away from the person who is suffering from this allergy. Also, make sure that when you groom your pet or play with them, you do it out of the house, and make sure that you change your clothes once you are done with it before going near the person who suffers from the allergy.

If you have to take care of the pet and also suffer from the allergy then you should make sure that you wear a mask when you groom your pet. Most of the time, it is better that you ask somebody to do the task for you. It is also better to use a vacuum or an air filter cleaner to get rid of the pet dander from the atmosphere.

To prevent yourself from the pet dander allergy, it is important that you keep your pet clean and wash the dander from the skin of your pet to keep the allergy out of your house. The pet dander allergy is hard to live with and hence it is important that you take all the care to keep yourself away from getting triggered by the allergy.

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