House Dust Mite Allergy

Usually people sneeze and sniff when exposed to dust. House dust has a number of compositions in it like the pet and human dander, molds, pollens and cockroach waste. However, dust mite is the most common you can found in the house dust and has a major role in causing allergy.

Dust mite is a small microscopic creature, which resembles a spider. It is basically found in the carpet, upholstered furniture and mattresses. It usually thrives in warm and humid climates and it feeds on the shed human skin. The waste of these mites is allergic and causes a reaction. The female of dust mites can lay 25-50 eggs, and there is a whole new generation that is produced every week. Carpets are the best place for these dust mites to prosper because of the favorable conditions that it offers.

The next question that arises is how to control the house dust mite allergy. Studies have shown that minimizing the dust mite exposure in the bedroom can help control the allergic symptoms. The reason that the bedroom is focused is because when people are in their house, they spend their maximum time in their bedroom and keeping our bedroom clean can help us minimize or diminish the exposure from the house dust mite allergy.

To control the dust mite allergy you can follow these steps:

• Your floors should preferably be of wood or vinyl and should be covered with rugs that are washable. Avoid using carpets in your house. If you have carpets then make sure that they are cleaned 1-2 times in a week regularly.

• You should avoid heavy curtains and blinds in your house; opt for window shades in place of heavy curtains. If you are using curtains then make sure that they are cleaned regularly.

• In damp basements, it is best to have a dehumidifier or an air conditioner. This would keep the humidity away and also the dust mites away.

• A person prone to dust mite allergy should avoid the cleaning task, and if you really need to clean, then always wear a mask before starting the task.

• Cover your pillows and mattresses in dust proof covers and make sure that the place where you spend the maximum time is dust free.

• Make sure that your blankets are cleaned regularly with hot water and avoid wool blankets.

• When looking for a new house, make sure that your apartment is above the ground and not in the basement or near ground areas.

• Keep the doors of your closet always shut so that your clothes are not exposed to dust.

Taking care of small things can keep you away from allergy. Cleaning is the main key behind keeping yourself safe from the house dust mite allergy, take ample care of cleanliness and stay away from dust. If you are too prone to dust then it is better that you wear a mask while going into areas that are dusty. Taking self-precautions is the best way to avoid house dust mite allergy. In case the allergy aggravates, you should see a doctor as soon as you can.

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