How to Prevent Jewelry Allergy

Being allergic to jewelry is very common. Usually people prefer wearing pure gold jewelry to prevent allergies. However, pure gold is difficult to mold in the form of jewelry and hence, it needs to be mixed with some other metal to be molded.

There are many people who might be allergic to nickel; however, nickel is one of the most common metals that are mixed with gold because of its added strength, durability and flexibility.

The allergic reaction as a result of the jewelry is called as contact dermatitis. This allergic reaction can happen at any age, and you need to be checked by your doctor as to whether this allergy has been caused by the nickel. The best way to prevent this jewelry allergy from occurring is to avoid the use of it.

The jewelry allergy lasts for a long time, which can be as much as a decade. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stop wearing jewelleries. You can go in for nickel free jewelry, which is available, as 18-karat gold, but before buying, make sure that it is nickel free.

If you are adamant on wearing gold that is pure, you can coat the inner side of the jewelry with nail polish. You can make use of the clear nail polish and apply three coats of it, so that your skin is not in direct contact with the metal. You can try this with your rings but this won’t work well with earrings or neck chains. However, you can go in for platinum jewelry or any other metal that is hypo allergenic.

It should also be noted that white gold is also mixed with a nickel, and this can result in a severe contact dermatitis. And as always, it is best to get a nickel free jewelry if you are sensitive to it. Copper can also be used as an alternative. However, if you use a jewelry made of copper in a long period of time, it can tarnish off and can leave a mark on your body in the shape of the jewelry because of the reaction with sweat. But most of the times, the copper jewelry designers would use a coating to cover the parts of jewelry that are in touch with your body.

You can also go in for sterling silver that is nickel free, but before you buy also cross check that it is nickel free. The sterling silver consists of 92.5% silver and the remaining portion is of other metals. Platinum is also a good choice, but it is expensive, and people usually find platinum more beautiful in comparison to white gold.

Using titanium jewelry is also recommended for people who suffer from jewelry allergies, and on the other hand you should say a strict no to German silver as it mainly consists of nickel. There are a number of alternatives to having jewelry containing nickel. You can try out new jewelry stuffs and still look as pretty as you would look in gold jewelry.

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