Home Remedies for Sunburn

Increased exposure to high intensity UV rays which is present in sunlight for long hours will cause sunburn. As it is an ongoing phenomenon, most of them consider trying some natural home remedies rather than visiting a doctor regularly. Here are some simple home remedies to cure sunburn.

• First precaution you need to take is to reduce the extent of exposure to sunlight. If you cannot avoid exposure to sun rays, apply sun screen lotion to reduce the effect. Use goggles to protect your eyes. You can try some of the homemade sunscreen lotions like aloe vera paste and sandalwood paste. Application of a very thin layer of these pastes offers protection to the skin against sun rays.

• To cure the sunburn apply any of the below given pastes. Never rupture the blisters. They serve as a protective layer and help to heal the burns very easily. Commonly used homemade pastes to heal sunburns include paste of barley powder, milk and olive oil.

• Tomato juice and buttermilk mixed in the 1:5 proportions.

• Frozen cabbage or lettuce leaves when placed over the sunburn areas give quick relief.

• If the skin under the eyes or cheeks is affected, place used tea bags or slices of cucumber, potato and tomato on those areas.

• Having a tub bath in cold water for about fifteen minutes gives relief from sunburn.

• If the affected area is small you can place a towel that is wet with water that is mixed with very little amount of vinegar.

• Taking a bath in water that is mixed with small quantity of oat meal relieves skin itching.

• Cucumber juice and onion juice are good remedies to reduce the inflammation caused due to sunburn.

• Mixing of Chamomile and lavender oil in bath water helps to rejuvenate the skin after sunburn. Taking this refreshing bath before exposure to sun serves as a protective measure.

• Consuming more water will keep the skin moisture and hence any sunburn will heal quickly. It also compensates for the water that is lost in the form of sweat.

• Have fresh fruits and vegetables like watermelon and oranges. These not only provide water to the body but also the vitamins and minerals found in them maintain a healthy skin.

• Boil lettuce leaves in water and apply that liquid after cooling over the burns to obtain quick relief.

• Rubbing of sunburn on affected areas with freshly cut cucumber pieces gives good results.

• Take diet that is rich in vitamin C and E. They have the capability to heal the affected areas very easily.

• Paste of turmeric and sandalwood has both antiseptic property and quick healing ability.

• One last remedy to heal the sunburn on affected area very fast is the application of a paste of marigold flowers pounded in wheat germ oil.

Never neglect sunburn. It may lead to skin cancer in some extreme cases. Obtain relief from your soaring sunburn by following the above given home remedies that are purely inexpensive. However, the above remedies help to relieve mild sunburn. In severe cases with symptoms like dizziness, fever, chills, nausea and excessive itching, it is suggested to consult a physician.

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