Signs That She Likes You

Women have always been termed as mystifying and inexplicable. Getting to know whether a woman really likes you is very tricky. You should be smart enough to understand the signals that she passes when she is around you. However, to solve your confusion here are some tips that can help you catch and decipher those signals that you always wanted to know if she likes you or not.

The first thing to notice is the body language that she poses when she is around you. Does she smile? Does she blush? Does she try and get your attention every now and then or passes comments on you? These can be some of the major signs that she likes you. If she likes you then definitely she would act differently when she is around you. Try to observe her activities and talks. If she likes you then in your company she would be excited and energetic and even if she is not talking to you she will try to get your attention by her gestures so that you take notice of her.

Other signs that you should consider taking in a positive aspect are the following:

If she picks up on a topic that you had left half way a few days back then she is definitely interested in knowing what you wished to say. If she curls her hair around her finger while talking to you and is shy while making direct eye contact when you are right in front of her. Or if you are at a distance she watches you, and when your eyes meet she gives a smile and shies away. Usually women pose a very different body language in front of their men like they would tilt their head a bit if they like them or they play around with their hair or fiddle with their bag straps. These are clear signs that she likes you.

Usually women are very conscious when they talk to men. But if they like someone, then they subconsciously or consciously try to touch them by patting their shoulder or touching their hand. These gestures show that she likes you and she is interested in taking the relationship further.

But even before you start deciphering the signs it is important that you should be calm and composed. If you over react or become eager this can put down the woman and give a wrong notion about you. It is important that you should be friendly with her and you should also show interest in her talks and activities but don’t overdo things.

There are many signs that can prove that she really likes you. You just need to keep your eyes open and need to perceive those signals. Even though these signals would not relate the whole story, this would definitely be enough to prove that she likes you and is attracted towards you. It is not that difficult to know whether she likes you or not. If you get positive vibes when you talk to her then it can be one of the biggest sings that she likes you.

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    February 11, 2011 at 2:07 am

    It is simple and informative.

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