The Best Dating Conversation Topics

Starting a conversation and what to do on a date can be a bit puzzling. You should choose the topic carefully so that you can strike a conversation and carry on the talk smoothly. If you know the person then starting a conversation will not be very difficult. But, if you are meeting the person for the first time then you have to be careful with what topics you choose. Let’s see some of the best topics that you can talk about to start a conversation on your date.

The first thing that you should get to know is what are the interests on your date and then pick a topic that the person can easily speak on. If your date likes movies then speak about the latest movie that he/she would have watched. If you haven’t watched the movie, kindly ask your date about the story and the details of the movie. The more you let your date talk the more he/she would feel comfortable in front of you.

Once your date starts getting comfortable with you the more he/she would start relating with you and would associate you with good memories. Following are the top most dating topics that you can choose to impress your date on your first meeting.

1. Talking on your favorites. As mentioned previously you should first get to know what the interests of the person you are dating are. This cannot only give you a topic to start the conversation with, but it can also give you an idea about the person’s personality and interests.

2. Ask hypothetical questions. This is another good way to know your date. You can ask your date as to what he/she would have done in an imaginary situation. For example, if they win one million dollars what would they do with it? This doesn’t only help you in knowing your date better, but also give you an interesting topic.

3. Talking about the goals in life. Another good way of knowing the views of your date is to get to know their future goals. Ask your date about their goals, both on personal as well as professional fronts. Ask them how did they decide on it and what would they do to achieve these goals. Once you know this then you can go on with related questions on this topic.

4. Talk about current affairs or culture. Usually this is not an interesting topic on your first date but you can later on pull this topic in. If your date is interested in news and politics then you can go ahead and get their views on the political scenario and other current topics.

5. Talking about work. This can be one of the best topics. Usually talking about work will give interests to people, especially the ones who are in their dream job. Ask their job profile or their work environment. How was their selection process and where do they see themselves five years from now.

However, make sure that you are not being very intrusive on your first date. Making your date feel comfortable is the first priority, and striking a good conversation cord is another. Make sure that you don’t hurt your date with your questions, so make the conversation light and interesting.

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