Treating Extrinsic Asthma

The type of asthma in which the symptoms develop as a result of exposure to allergens is termed as extrinsic asthma. Individuals who are sensitive to certain allergens develop asthma symptoms immediately after exposure to the allergen. Extrinsic asthma has to be treated without negligence to prevent it from developing into a chronic asthma that develops irrelevant to the presence of allergens. Here are some ways on how to treat extrinsic asthma.

Rather than searching for ways to treat asthma it is better to take appropriate measures to prevent it from developing. Take care not to expose yourself to allergens like pollen, dust, mold, animal dander and other allergens that you are allergic to. Adults should quit smoking.

As with other diseases, yoga can be used to treat asthma. Yoga treatment for asthma concentrates on developing resistance to the allergens. In this process of developing resistance, the first step is to practice jala neti which is washing of nostrils with lukewarm water. Another process is the practice of sutra neti which involves insertion of thin threads into the nostrils. This act stimulates the nerves of the nostrils and initiates a whole set of reactions such as wheezing, coughing and nasal block that are seen in asthma. Repeated practice of these yoga techniques, the jala neti and the sutra neti teach the patients on how to gain control over the reactions that are normally induced by allergens.

Another yoga practice that helps to gain control over the nervous system is shavasanam. Yoga is found to have influence on immune system. Hence, regular practice of yoga helps to gain control over the asthma caused by viral infections.

If you love to gain control over asthma without the help of medicines then the first step you need to do is identify the allergens that are triggering the symptoms in you. If the allergy tests turn out to be of no use, you can start to concentrate on your diet. You can start to avoid foods with chemicals like food sprays and food additives. Not only asthma, to gain control over any disease it is essential to consume a well balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Next essential step to gain control over asthma is to learn controlling the emotional feelings that stimulate the nervous system. Yoga exercises come in handy to gain control over emotional feelings.

When you observe the symptoms of asthma it is essential to take measures to prevent them from worsening. Natural herbs like ginger, garlic and mustard are good at controlling cough and other symptoms of allergic asthma. Apart from natural herbs drugs like corticosteroids, antihistamines and bronchodilators are used to gain control over the symptoms. In more severe cases where the above drugs cannot answer the condition, prednisone and immunotherapy are recommended.

Last suggestion that can help you in gaining control over your asthma is to drink plenty of water. By drinking plenty of water you can loosen the mucus secretion from air passages that generally accompanies with asthma.

By following all the above measures you can definitely gain control over extrinsic asthma very easily.

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