How to Get Rid of Marijuana Addiction?

What more can be said about Marijuana then it is lot more dangerous and addictive then alcohol. Marijuana leaves no choice for its addict then to only think about this drug and ways how to get it. It is almost banned in every country on the globe but due to corruption it is still being smuggled and supplied through various resources. The desire for Marijuana makes one goes to any extent in order to get the money to pay for his addiction. It basically leaves no choice and damages the brain parts used for thinking, emotions and behavior.

There stands a question about how to get rid of Marijuana addiction? It takes a lot of commitment and will power to get away from this drug. In the beginning the lesson of its dangers and damages need to be taught to the addict and make him realize of the serious trouble he is in. The reason should be considered that why the individual went towards such a thing and he should be told about how Marijuana would further ruin his life. The problem should be discussed with the addict’s family that what was the reason behind him losing his self-esteem and confidence and getting pulled towards Marijuana in search of calmness and a good feeling but it is only till it gets obsessive.

People using Marijuana need to be aware of its severe effects. New comers are surely seemed to be confident enough and fully geared that they would leave it whenever they want, that is not the case at all though. The beginning of the process requires loads of family and friends support to the addict plus some serious medication. It should be made sure that the addict is totally convinced and willing to accept help instead of living on this life-taking drug. A positive step would be a re-employment chance for the addict that would make him feel confident again and give him a boost of self-esteem.

Nowadays there are even rehabilitating residential programs available considering the needs and the requirements of the patient. Whether it is an indoor or an outdoor program, it takes somewhere around 3 months to show distinguished improvement in the patient.

Remember, what counts the most is family support. You would not want yourself or your loved one to fall back for something like Marijuana ever.


  1. Marijuana is one of the worst addictions. The side effects of this drug is it makes a person emotionally fool, destroys memory, destroys self confidence and self-esteem, in future it will make you a person with no patience, it will make a person angry and discomfortable… it is better to quit as soon as possible because it will make you sad after wards and you will be disrespected in society. It did not made anybody it has destroyed people. In the beginning you will have fun but after wards you will not recognise how you will become used to this drug. People who are addictve to this drug often lie to them self that they are not addictive that they can quit when ever they want, the main this is that it destroys your mind… another thing is that try to avoid to take this drug with group of friends. Quit it as soon as you read this article because if you leave it once then you can otherwise you are joking and playing with your self. Life is beautiful try to enjoy it.

  2. I think this article is very one sided and does not really stick to the subject of HOW TO GET OVER A POT ADDICTION and instead gives out yet another lecture on how pot is bad for you.

  3. Get facts straight. Marijuana addiction is caused only by one's psychological dependencies towards different issues, ergo the addiction is psychological. Also, marijuana does NOT cause ANY damage to you, your thinking, emotions or behavior. If you are under ANY substance that causes different neural activity, your behavior will change. If you consume too much sugar, your behavior will change, and it will be lethal to you in high doses. Many great artists, philosophers and scientists have gotten their influences from the manifestation of mind caused by psychedelics (psyche=mind, delic=manifest). This can be cannabis, psilocybin or DMT, but NONE OF THESE SUBSTANCES are lethal or dangerous to an individual with a realistic sense of reality and adaptation skills. This article is an example of the ignorance of a person who has never been in any kind of contact with psychedelic substances nor experienced and lived the creativity and imagination. The writer of this article might actually be the person who has no self-esteem. This article supports close-mindedness and forced medication (and I bet the medication is more harmful than the marijuana itself!), and that's not something I consider freedom! Abusive behavior and addiction can be directed towards any kind of consumable substance or behavior, and the attention should be focused on the substances and behaviors that are dangerous to the individuals and the people close to the abusive person, not to those with great consciousness broadening intentions!

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