Making Clothes, Accessories and Make Up Last

In the age of the 21st century’s very first recession we’re all keen to save money on just about anything we can. Buying second hand clothing and making it into something else is all very well, but what about preserving the clothing, jewelry and other apparel that we already have? Here are some money saving tips that will keep your clothes lasting years, too.

Hairspray on tights

Of course it sounds odd, but spraying hairspray onto thin tights before you leave the house makes them more resistant to laddering. Just a light spray will do and not so much that your legs catch alight if you walk past the fireplace!

Clear nail polish on jewelry

Most of us have experienced that green hue you get on your fingers, ears, neck or wrist when you wear certain types of jewelry. This happens with copper, or jewelry that contains some copper and it reacts with the skin and turns it dark green. To avoid this happening, simply paint the part of the jewelry that’s touching the skin with clear nail polish. Solved!

Nail polish remover in nail polish

Speaking of nail polish, you can make your pots go a lot further if you add a few drops of nail polish remover and mix it around. This simply stops it going gloopy and keeps it thin enough to put a couple of coats on and still look good. Remember to shake the bottle before you apply, though.

Recycle broken powder

When you buy a tub of powder it’s pristine, but before you’ve used it all it’s highly likely it will (usually when there’s about ΒΌ left) break into a hundred tiny pieces. Yes, it’s frustrating, but there is a way to keep using the powder without dropping pieces everywhere every time you do. You can either ask a friend who uses mineral powder to save their empty pot for you, buy one yourself to keep for broken powder tubs or clean out a talcum powder bottle and scoop all the pieces in there. As long as the container has a lot of tiny holes at the top of it, you can use it to shake onto a clean surface and then use your brush to apply the powder to your face.

Do up zips and buttons before washing

We all know that frequent clothes washing makes clothes thinner and more prone to fraying, but doing up all zips and buttons before you put them in the machine can make a big difference to the problem. As your clothes are spun at an incredible speed things like sharp zips can get caught in light and lacy material and create holes. Try to wash your clothes in cool water rather than hot, as this keeps them stronger for longer too.

These tips aren’t going to save you enough money for a family holiday, but they might make the difference between needing a new pair of jeans right now, and being able to wait for the January sales where you save $40. Next time you’re about to throw away a piece of jewelry or item of clothing try to imagine what you could make it into; a bag or scarf maybe. Everything deserves a second chance!

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