How to Defend Yourself When You Are Alone

The majority of men think they don’t need to defend themselves when they’re out alone, or out with their female partner. Fortunately that is true, it is not usually men who fall victim to an attack or robbery. Unfortunately, however, women are seen as far more vulnerable as ‘easy’ to attack, which is why we’ve compiled a few ways for women to defend themselves when they are out of the house and alone.

Firstly, always always always have a mobile phone with you. Of course these haven’t always been around, but neither have such high levels of knife crime and it’s a small price to pay for your own piece of mind. It’s well worth installing an ‘ICE’ number into your phone too; this stands for ‘In Case of Emergency’ and should be your next of kin, partner or parents. Paramedics and police will search your phone for an ICE number when they find it and it could give vital information quickly and when it’s most needed.

Secondly, always check the back seats of your car before you get in it. There are far too many cases reported of women filling up their car with gas, going in the store to pay, leaving the doors unlocked and then driving away with a criminal who has climbed in the back. It’s no good checking once you climb in, walk around the car to check if you need to. If the worst does happen and you are kidnapped then remember that the corners of a car trunk are the weakest and you can kick out the lights to alert drivers behind that you are trapped.

When out in public keep your handbag as close to your body and under your arm as possible. Have the zip or opening towards your front so you won’t be mugged from behind. The best kinds of handbags are shoulder handbags where you can bend your arm up and hold the strap next to the fastening. A thief will always look for sagging hobo style bags with large openings at the top.

Lastly, have you considered taking up self defense lessons in a particular sport or martial art? Not only are they fun and keep you fit, but you’ll make friends and learn how to defend yourself too. You might even find it gives you much more confidence to go out alone and enjoy the world without needing company. Karate, boxing, kick boxing, Wing Chun, Taekwondo and Judo are just some of the classes that most towns and cities offer classes on. Once you’ve mastered the basics you can teach them to your children, family and friends for added peace of mind that they will be safe when out and about alone too.

While all of this may have sounded quite morbid and extremist, unfortunately these things do happen and women have been hurt through not having this knowledge. Adding an ICE number to your phone is one simple step you can take that could make a huge difference to you and your family’s lives.

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