How to Get Rid of Dry Itchy Skin

Apart from giving an unpleasant look to you, dry itchy skin is painful to live with. If appropriate care is not done, it may result in irreversible damage to the skin. This article gives an overview on how to get rid of the problem of itchy skin.

Consuming a well balanced diet rich in all nutrients will eliminate most of the problems. Intake of fresh fruits and vegetables supplies enough nutrients to the body and also keeps the skin soft. Consume fruits rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system and makes the skin resistant to infections which is merely seen in people with dry skin. It even helps to eliminate the free radicals from our body; it is the major culprits in most of the health problems.

In addition to a healthy diet, it is essential to consume large amounts of water. This will help to eliminate a great number of toxins from the body in the form of sweat and urine. A body free of toxins will be in good health. Consuming essential quantity of water helps to maintain moisture content of the skin, and thus serves to eliminate the problem of dry itchy skin to some extent. Another important aspect to be taken care of in your regular lifestyle is to have enough sleep. It is the time you provide for the body to rejuvenate and repair from damages.

To reduce the extent of dry skin problem, it is essential to protect yourself from environmental changes such as extremes of temperature and pollution.

Apart from the environmental pollution, dry itchy skin can also be caused due to allergic reactions. Hence, if you are suffering from dry skin consult a dermatologist to know the cause of your dry itchy skin. If you are found allergic to certain substances, keep yourself away from them. Most of the allergic reactions are caused due to harsh chemicals found in cosmetics. Hence, prefer using cosmetics with natural ingredients found in roots, flowers and seeds of some plants. Natural oils such as almond oil, camphor, avocado and olive oil can help the skin to become smooth, and reduce the problem of dry skin upon regular application.

Natural ingredients such as aloe vera paste help to heal the damage caused by dry skin, and this will help to free you from itchiness caused due to dryness.

Use of talcum powder or baking soda helps to relieve the itchiness to a great extent by their soothing effect. Remember not to apply baking soda over the wounded region of the skin. Dilute ammonia also helps to relieve the pain of itching. Never use ammonia directly without diluting it.

If the itchiness does not relieve with the use of natural homemade compounds, it could be due to fungal infections. It is essential to treat them immediately with proper medication.

Last note, take care of your itchy skin appropriately and avoid extensive scratching if you observe blisters, lesions, puffiness and redness. It could be due to some skin problems like infections or allergic reactions and should be treated without negligence. Scratching will only worsen the condition.

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