Know About Types of Skin Rashes

Skin rashes are a common skin disorder that is seen in almost everyone. However, basing on the type and severity of the rash, appropriate care has to be taken to prevent skin damage. Let’s know some information about rashes and their types.

A skin rash is nothing but an itchy red patch on the skin. Rashes are caused due to various reasons of which the allergic reactions are the most common culprits. They may even develop as side effects to certain drugs, which is generally included in the category of allergic reactions. Rashes are considered as symptoms of some diseases such as chickenpox. The following is a discussion on various types of rashes.


Rash is seen as a red patch which often leaks fluid. The scary part about these rashes is that the oozing fluid is infectious, and may increase the number of rashes if appropriate care is not taken. Most of the allergic reactions cause this type of rash. Substances that cause allergic reactions include drugs, food and harsh chemicals seen in cosmetics or mosquito bite. Never scratch an oozing rash. An interrupted rash serves as good medium for bacterial growth which is termed as impetigo. It is essential to use antibiotics to get rid of the bacterial infection.


This is a bacterial skin infection which results in the formation of red rashes. Streptococci are the causative agents of this form of rash.


Another set of rashes that are developed due to allergic reactions are termed as hives. These are very itchy and they could be very small in size or very large. These allergic reactions are mainly caused by sea foods.


This skin disorder results in the development of pink colored rashes that are thick scaled and are more commonly seen on the elbows, neck, knees, scalp and back. The worst part of this type of skin rash is that they lack treatment.

Prickly heat rashes

This is the most common type of skin rash seen during the hot weather. It generally does not require any treatment. Application of talcum powder will help to relieve the itching.


Fungal infection of the skin results in this type of rash. These rashes are highly infectious and occur in any region of the body. It is essential to use appropriate treatment for this type of rashes.


This can be said as puffy appearance of the face rather than as a rash. It is more commonly seen in women with fair complexion. Vitamin deficiency and weak immune system could be other reasons for this type of skin rash. Consumption of a balanced diet helps to relieve this type of rash.


These are caused as a result of viral infection. This type of rash causes severe pain and itching. Measles, chicken pox and scarlet fever are other diseases that result in skin rashes.

Take appropriate care to get rid of the rashes depending on the type of the rash without scratching. Extensive scratching damages skin surface.

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