How to Treat and Prevent White Patches on Skin

In medical terms white patches mean vitiligo. These white patches give an unpleasant look and even make the patients lose their self-confidence making them to feel embraced, especially brown’s feel more uncomfortable compared people with pale white colored skin. These appear on any part of the body. Specialty of these white patches is that they are symmetrical. For example, if one side of the body is having white patches then the same area on the other side of the body will also develop white patches.


The cause of white patches is due to lack of the functioning melanin producing cells. The cells do not produce melanin, and hence turn the skin in that area to white color. Even the hair in this area becomes white. Affected areas are highly susceptible to sunburns due to the absence of melanin pigment.

It is also considered as an auto-immune disorder in which the body develops antibodies against self components and fight against them. In this case antibodies are produced against the melanin producing cells resulting in their destruction, and hence the affected area will be seen as a white patch.

Other causes of white patches include deficiency of vitamin B12 which in turn leads to anemia, hyper activity of the thyroid glands, stress either physical or emotional, hereditary reasons and increased exposure to sunrays.


Regular intake of vitamin B helps to eliminate the problems like indigestion, and also reduces the white patches. Therefore, it is recommended to consume foods rich in vitamin B such as whole grains, wheat germ and yeast.

Reduction of stress over the body automatically helps to gain control over the white patches. The omega-3 group of fatty acids helps to reduce the stress and thereby reduces the white patches.

One reason for the development of white patches is poor digestion. Regular consumption of HCL, the natural stomach acid helps in the digestion process, and hence reduces the risk of white patches. Intake vitamin B for certain amount of period helps to normalize the extent of stomach acid secretion. However, if you are having a hereditary problem with your acid secretion, consider eating vitamin C rich foods.

Figs and walnuts have the property to heal white patches. Hence, consume them regularly to get rid of the problem of white patches.

A homemade remedy for white patches is application of paste made of turmeric and neem leaves. The antiseptic property of this mixture helps to eliminate white patches if they are caused due to worm infestation.

Other natural remedies for white patches include consumption of ginger which increases blood circulation, buttermilk and a mixed juice of cucumber and alfalfa.

Reduce the extent of exposure to sun.

Use of Psoralen pills along with UVA light helps to get rid of white patches very easily. However, these pills have side effects and should be used with caution by knowing all the information.

Like organ transplantations, white patches can be eliminated by means of pigment transplantation.

From the above discussion, it can be seen that white patches can be eliminated by taking appropriate measures immediately after they have been identified.


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