How to Get Rid of Unattractive Skin Moles?


Beauty is like a picky object. It demands attention, care and considerable effort to last as long as possible. For those who are attacked by dozens of unattractive moles, maintaining beauty can be a daunting task. Moles are not only unattractive, but they can be very annoying as well, especially when they get caught to your clothing or jewelry.

Basically, moles are black or brown spots that appear on the skin. They occur when the cells within the skin grow in cluster rather than spreading throughout. Hormone changes and excessive sun exposure are considered to be the prime causes of moles amongst individuals. They take a free ride on our skin, and can last for 10 to 40 years, before fading away completely.

Moles have a wide range of appearance. Some look abnormal and can be bothersome to an extent that an individual may voluntarily skip social gatherings. Although in some cases they fade away naturally, some individuals may require special treatments in order to get rid of skin moles. Let’s check out the different ways by which one can get rid of skin moles.

Flaxseed Oil

Applying flaxseed oil has been one amongst the treatment used to eradicate skin moles. Usually mixed with honey, flaxseed oil is applied on dark spots everyday for few weeks, until the moles disappear.


Skin moles can be removed with the help of bloodroot as well. It is a special herb found mainly in US and Canada. They have a very long history of curing several skin ailments. They are sold in the market in the form of paste, oils or salves.


Crushing the garlic into a paste and applying them on the moles is one of the natural remedies used to treat skin moles. This paste is applied everyday for few weeks or months depending upon the results one obtains.

Chemical Peeling

There are different ingredients that form a part of the chemical peeling process. In this method the unwanted cells are removed, in order to get started on the body’s cell rejuvenation process.


If natural remedies fail, then one can resort to surgery to remove skin moles. There are different surgical methods used to cure skin moles. Although a surgery can be effective, there are a few downsides to this method. Most surgeries are expensive and there is no guarantee that the moles may not appear again. You might also end up with scar marks post surgery. The whole process can be painful, which is why it is important to consider natural remedies to treat skin moles, before jumping into any surgical methods.

Moles can even cause cancer amongst rare individuals. A person needs to watch out for any possible symptoms, and consult a doctor or dermatologist to help them with an appropriate remedy.

The market is flooded with many products that claim to help one get rid of skin moles. It is always advisable to consult a doctor before starting any method on your own. With the advancement in medical science, we are fortunate enough to have several alternatives to cure skin moles.

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