The Impact of Video Games on Children

Since its introduction, video games have attracted children of all ages. The growing market of video games is a proof to its wide spread popularity amongst children. Recent studies have shown that video games have positive as well as negative impacts on children. These studies are still subject to debate. However, the positive and negative aspects of playing video games cannot be ignored. Let’s have a look at both the aspects.

Positive Effects of Video Games

Most of the video games are creative and fun intended. This offers a chance to foster the creativity potential amongst children. It’s a great medium to get rid of stress for children as well as for elders. Video games distract users from their existing stress, providing them with fun and entertainment value.

It also enhances the confidence level of children, when they start mastering the games. Children develop good hand-eye coordination over a period of time. It teaches them some essential skills like strategic thinking, innovative thinking and co-operation. It also creates investigative skills amongst children. Some games also aids to the educational value.

Video games are responsible for making kids familiar with technology. They enhance the visual-spatial ability amongst children. They are also responsible for developing mathematical and engineering skills in your children. Most games encourage children to move to the next level and earn more scores in order to win or survive the game. This factor works positively amongst children. They learn calculations quickly and also develop an attitude which motivates them to always move ahead in life in order to achieve something.

Despite the learning and entertainment value of video games, there are many negative shades associated with playing video games. The negative impacts of video games on children are discussed below:

Negative Effects of Video Games

Playing aggressive games develops aggressive thoughts amongst children, which is reflected in their behavior as well. This might not be a good sign, since we do not want our children to be more verbal and aggressive with their peers.

Spending too much time on video games might affect studies as well. Lack of concentration and focus is evident amongst children who are crazy after video games.

Video games are known to encourage sedentary lifestyle. Children may develop poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle…

It is vital for children to spend time on both indoor and outdoor sports. Excessive time spent on video games may curb some outdoor activities amongst some children. We may not want our children to be game addicts at the cost of active outdoor pastimes.

It is the responsibility of elders to encourage children to participate in outdoor activities as well, rather than sticking to video games all day long. Being able to monitor and control the amount of time your kids spend on video games is the key to restrict the negative impacts of video games. Make sure that you expose your children to the right games with limited time log to benefit from this fun filled activity.

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  2. It's a well written source but what I want is proof with real statistics. However, you've provide me with good info but this not gonna help me much with my persuasive speech because I can't just speak what I read but I need evidence to support it.

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