Some Low Calorie Mixed Drinks

So you like to devour light drinks or drinks that are not considered hard core alcohol. But you don’t like having to put on the calories in the process of indulging. The solution to your problem is enjoying low calorie mixed drinks. Yes, it is definitely possible to enjoy a night out with the girls and not have to increase the chances of getting wrinkles, because of the number of times you start frowning after realizing how many calories you are consuming.

Beating the bulge requires major dedication and persistence. Sometimes we falter, and the effects of our faltering can damage the work we have put in for so long. There may be temptation that where ever you go, whether it is at an office party, at a friend’s house or at a bar. Instead of having guilt into yourself to misery or suffering at the hands of self pity, learn to indulge healthy.

The classic drink that most “Men” and some women like to have is Rum and coke. However, both drinks have a high calorie content that’s bit too much to have in more than one or two servings. Instead one of the two will have to be compromised. You will have to settle for real Rum and diet cola. The result is just as good as with the real coke. One glass of this works up to only about a 100 calories. That’s almost 2/3 less than with the real cola.

Vodka with any juice tastes good. However, vodka with any diet juice tastes just as good, and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that the calories are not as much. Try mixing diet mixed fruit juice or cranberry juice for a delightful combination of flavors in your mouth.

If you’re looking for a more exotic sounding drink then opt for the Mojito. Mojitos are great antioxidants and can flush out the other toxins in your body. This drink consists of Rum, mint leaves and lime juice. Add club soda at the end to finish off the prep.

For energy and the extra kick and feeling that only alcohol can give you, mix diet Red Bull with your preferred choice of alcohol. Usually, the best alcohol to mix with diet Red Bull is Vodka. It will give you all the energy you need to keep you going all night whether it’s a night out party or a house party.

The simplest and quickest low calorie mixer is Gin and tonic. Though it sounds boring, the drink itself will give you a good kick, not to mention a glass of it is less than 100 calories.

So, no matter what your alcoholic preference, there is something good for everyone with low calorie mixers. They don’t only taste good, but are helpful in the long run when you still want to enjoy your life and are healthy enough to do it. This is not endorsing alcohol drinking, but is helping people who wouldn’t stop anyways. There is no harm in that, especially if you can’t sacrifice the buzz even to combat the bulge.

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