Causes of Alcoholism in Women


Alcoholism is a very disturbing habit which has several contributing factors. Recent studies have revealed that women get addicted to alcohol faster than men. Although being a victim to the same disease, alcoholism is believed to affect men and women differently. Also, the causes and effects of alcoholism vary from person to person. Let’s examine the various causes of alcoholism in women.


Hormonal changes are one amongst the contributing factor for alcoholism amongst women. During perimenopause, a woman experiences many changes within her body, which causes stresses and emotional trauma. To cope up with these problems, many women start consuming alcohol, and eventually become an addict over a period of time. Also women with a family history of alcoholism are more prone to become an addict themselves.

Emotional state of mind

Excessive drinking is usually due to no control over one’s emotional state of mind. Many women resort to alcohol when they find themselves incapable of handling the day to day stress burden. Nervousness, high stress levels, fear and other mental trauma are causes of alcoholism amongst women across the world. Woman who are low on self confidence also resort to alcoholism in the hope of gaining some comfort. Loneliness and isolation are other causes of alcoholism amongst women. Often some women overburden themselves with more responsibilities than what they can handle, and when they find themselves incapable of managing these responsibilities, they resort to alcohol to relieve them from the excessive burden. Depression is difficult to handle, and when they find the situation unbearable, they empty their wallets for a few drinks in the hope of gaining some temporary relief.

Environmental factors

Drinking is often encouraged in high societies and their parties. Women who are part of such high society parties often end up drinking too much, despite their own wish. They prefer to ignore the disadvantages of drinking, rather than annoying their friends. Frequently attending social gatherings, business meetings and other nightlife events often results in excessive drinking amongst women.

Family problems

Married women often find themselves burdened with too many household tasks, and in cases where there isn’t much financial support from their partner, they stick to alcohol to find some comfort for their misery. Frequent abuses from husband and in-laws are another reason for alcoholism amongst women. Some working women find it difficult to balance work and home life. They feel overwhelmed with the excessive tasks and stick to alcohol consumption to cope up with the mounting stress. Those who have been a victim of sexual abuse often turn to alcohol to find an end to their haunting troubles.

Heavy drinking can take a toll on one’s health over a period of time. Most women do not realize that alcohol can only offer temporary relief, and is incapable of curing the situation or trouble in hand. In fact, they multiply the troubles over a period of time. Limiting or getting rid of alcoholism is a must in order to maintain a healthy life and future.

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  • A few years into my parent's marriage (mid 60's) my father had an affair with his sister-in-law. I'm convinced that affair triggered a battle with alcoholism in my mother and affected not only her life but also mine and my siblings lives and choices.

  • I am an alcoholic in recovery and a woman. I drank because I am an alcoholic not for any other reason. I have gained my sobriety and retain it by working a 12 step programme.

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