Child Abuse: Why Children Hide?

Child abuse is one amongst the most undesirable acts prevailing in the modern society. Research on child abuse has uncovered some frightening facts about this issue. Over 80% of the child abuse cases are from birth parents. Unfortunately, most of the child abuse cases go unrevealed and unreported. Feeling of helplessness, isolation, guilt and disgrace are common amongst child abuse victims. Engulfed with negative and unwanted feelings, children are not able to summon enough courage to report such malpractices to their elders. There are several other aspects which are responsible for these unreported cases. Let’s examine few of these common causes.

Children are too young to process or quantify this horrifying experience. They feel powerless and helpless, especially if they are abused by their closed ones. They might not be able to comprehend the whole situation because the abuser might be the dearest person in their life. In such instances the trust factor goes for a toss, and they no longer feel the desire to communicate this matter to anyone.

The power of the abuser lies on several factors like age difference, physical strength, complete command or intellectual capability over the child.

Some children often blame themselves for the whole ordeal. They fear that they might be on the receiving end if they report this matter to anyone. Children also think that their complaint may fall on deaf ears, which is why they hesitate to report such matters. The fear of being mocked is another reason for such issues going unreported.

Fear of punishment, legal complications and taunts from elders constantly haunts affected children. This fear curtails them from reporting such unwanted acts. The uneasiness to answer questions pertaining to this embarrassing situation is another common reason for such matters going unreported.

Negative reactions along with fear of rejections are common expectations running on the minds of child abuse victims. Some children who have been victims of multiple child abuse cases may hide the fact because of their incompetency of not being able to report this crime on the very first occasion. They fear that this might have negative impact on them, rather than the abuser.

Children are highly dependent on their parents, and they worry that reporting against their parents might leave them alone and isolated admits strangers.

Children are naturally innocent and lovable. It is unfortunate to hear such horrifying child abuse cases. Threats, bribes and other forms of coercion are used to conduct such brutal acts on children. Low self esteem, lack of confidence, constant pain complaints, wetting the bed, extreme quietness or aggressiveness are possible indicators of children, who have been victims of child abuse cases.

Any such secrecy haunts children till they grow up, which is why elders must ensure that they provide full support and care during such situations. Elders should take the responsibility and explain them that this is not their fault, and there is nothing to feel overly disgraced about the matter. For the betterment of the society, it is extremely important to voice any such incidents to the appropriate agencies.

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  1. jjaaccoobbnspcc Reply
    October 11, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    This article really moved and subjected me to help these poor kids.

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