Natural Treatments to Cure Shingles

An infectious disease, shingles are skin rashes which occurs post chicken pox through a virus called Varicella. Chicken pox leaves behind an inactive virus which stays forever in the body’s nervous system. Although dormant in most cases, Varicella virus has the potential to attack again, if our immunity level drops beyond a point. The drop in the immune system post chicken pox causes shingles. Elderly people are more prone to get affected by shingles, due to their weak immune system.

Shooting pain and itching in the affected area are the common symptoms of shingles. Some of the other symptoms include fever, headaches and stomach aches. Usually the symptoms disappear after prevailing for a few weeks.

Although the exact cause of shingles is yet a mystery, its existence is hugely related to our immune system. There isn’t any cure for shingles as yet, but the severity of the infection can be reduced drastically with the aid of proper medication and immediate action. There are several medications available which improves our immune system, and restricts the occurrence of shingles. Apart from the conventional medication, homeopathic treatments have seen a certain surge in the past few years.

Your doctor can plan a treatment plan for you based on the severity of the disease. One can follow the below mentioned treatments to cure shingles naturally, until prescribed medications arrive.

Cayenne Pepper

Used as an ointment, Cayenne Pepper can relieve one from pain and itchiness. It is well known for its cooling effect. Rub Cayenne Pepper on the affected area couple of times in a day to maximize the healing effect.


Oatmeal is another natural treatment that works well for curing shingles. A common food item used worldwide during breakfast for its health benefits and taste, oatmeal is also known to reduce the burning sensation and skin irritation for people affected by shingles. The uncooked oatmeal is mixed with water, and applied as a paste on the affected area.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Mixing half a cup of apple cider vinegar along with 2 cups of water can be used to reduce pain, and heal the affected body part. Use a cloth to apply the mixture on the affected area. Continue this for an hour or so. This procedure can be followed persistently, until the rashes disappear completely.

Vegetable Shortening

Although it leaves the skin a bit greasy, applying shortening such as Crisco is well known for its healing abilities with shingles.

Make it a habit to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as they are loaded with vital vitamins and other nutrients helpful for strengthening the immune system. This will not only act as a precaution towards shingles, but will also serve as a treatment while one is suffering from the ailment.

People with intense symptoms need to seek medical attention as quickly as possible, especially if the pain symptoms last longer than a month. Over one million people are reported to be affected by this disease annually. Early diagnosis and treatment is a must, in order to minimize the effect of shingles.

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