Why Marriages End Up With Divorce?

Marriages are said to be made in heaven. Not everyone in this world would agree to this, especially those who intend to file a divorce case. Divorce is a painful decision, which is mainly caused due to some conflicts between married couples. It’s a harsh reality which is growing in numbers with every passing year.

There are several causes of divorce that exist in our society. Let’s discuss the major causes below:

Lack of communication

Lack of communication is often considered as the prime cause for divorce. Major disagreements occur due to lack of communication, which eventually forces two soul mates to move towards the court for legal separation. With little or no exchange of feelings, emotions and other basic issues, divorce seems to be round the corner to put an end to the mounting unsolved troubles. Lack of communication builds anger, frustration with little room for agreement on any subject matter.

Financial problems

Financial problems are often considered as the acid test for many relationships in our life. Most couples fail to maintain peace when they find themselves strangled in some financial problems. Failing to cope and adjust with the financial crises often results into blame game, and invites further troubling factors. In the modern society, a financial mess has become a leading cause for divorce.

Sexual problems

Sex is an act which a couple is expected to perform post marriage. In some cases, sexual deprivation due to lack of interest, time, or various other reasons can result into divorce.


Incompatibility is judged as one amongst the foremost factors for divorce between married couples. Incompatibility often depicts less understanding and emotionless living conditions between them. Couples may experience sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual incompatibility. As a matter of fact, any kind of incompatibility might result into a divorce.


No person in this world would voluntarily accept abuses in whatever form it arrives. Any form of abuse can seriously damage a marital relationship. Physical and mental abuse can leave behind long lasting pain, which cannot be easily forgotten. There is nothing more miserable in life than spending your time with an abusive partner. Once the tolerance level is tested, divorce becomes an inevitable choice to surpass the ongoing misery.


Cheating definitely hurts. Males cheating on their wives and vice versa have unfortunately become a prominent feature in our modern society. An extra marital affair, once revealed can destroy a long lasting relationship. The sinking feeling of betrayal eventually takes control over other matters, finally ending up in a court dispute.

Unlike the past, there has been a major surge in the number of divorce cases across the world. Once considered as “soul mates,” do not hesitate to resort to this option without exploring all possible solutions. Surprisingly, quite a few reasons contributing to the cause of divorce existed in the couple’s relationship prior to their marriage. They were either not acknowledged or were ignored in the hope that marriage might offer a miraculous solution to these problems.


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  2. Lack of communication between a couple can also lead to one of the partners cheating because they tend to seek what is lacking in the relationship to another person.

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