Are You Aware of Some Common Headache Types?

When we talk in medical language then probably, there is no end to the list of headache types. Generally in every day life people suffer from tension headache, chronic daily headache, migraine headache, ice pick headache, cluster headache and last but not the least, sinister headache. You might be thinking that what can be the difference among all of these headaches, so lets talk about them a little bit.

Migraine headache tops the list for being more common plus really painful. It has affected many lives in a negative manner. It gets annoying for our senses and is like a throb head pain. Sufferers have complained about this pain being moderate to really severe. Couple of basic symptoms of migraine headache are getting nausea plus not being able to expose in front of light or sound. You get a few signals before migraine headache hits you such as, you will have eyesight problems, seeing bright flashes or zigzags and a numb feel in the arms. Migraine headaches mostly last for around 3 days and vanish with proper medication.

Tension headache can be said to be pretty common as well. You can feel continuous pain around your forehead and around the skull. The sufferer stays dull and confused throughout the day. This headache is occasional and you do not suffer any serious symptoms, to avoid this you have to avoid stress. Tension headache if increased forms into a chronic headache that is experienced almost every other day. Chronic headache increases if a lot of painkillers are consumed. The head and the face feel tight and stretchy like a rubber and the pain stays low and annoying. Chronic headache can be diagnosed by noticing the time period; it lasts for around 15 continuous days.

Cluster headache is another headache type but not too common. This condition is very rare but if someone catches a cluster headache, the pain is severe and hurting. This headache is named as cluster because the pain rises in forms of clusters. Only one side of the head gets in pain and sufferer gets red, teary eyes along with a blocked nose. This headache could last for weeks or even months but it is said that after this the person does not experiences headaches for a long time.

These are just a few common headache types out of an unending list of headaches. It might take forever to classify the types of headaches that exist. There is no other way to deal with these situations other then to consult a good doctor.

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