Sinus Headache Symptoms — How to Recognize?

All around the year, once or twice people do complain about sinus headache. It mostly gets you with the changing season and the change in temperatures getting warm to cold. Sinus headache basically forms due to a small cavity that is behind the nose that gets filled with loads mucus when some virus or bacteria attacks it. It puts a lot of pressure around the nose area and the eyes. This pressure can get really painful at times giving an uncomfortable feeling. There are few things you can look out for just to know if sinus headache is heading your way.

Sinus headache symptoms include high burning fever, serious dry coughing, a stuffed or runny nose, and extreme fatigue along with a sore throat. The patient experiences continuous pain while blowing the nose or sneezing. If you are going through these problems then you may get exposed or already exposed to sinus headache. Understanding sinus headache symptoms is really important since many people mis-drug themselves thinking that a normal headache or migraine is a sinus headache.

People often get confused between a migraine and sinus headache since both of them have quite similar symptoms like the pain worsens when laying down or leaning forward. When you get up in the morning having a sinus headache your cheeks, forehead and brow experience a lot of pain and heaviness. You need to take immediate medication in order to cure sinus headache because once it forms to a dull ache, never-ceasing, then it might become chronic.

Other sinus headache symptoms can be experiencing discharge, severe nasal congestion and a lot of facial pressure. Nausea is also found in some cases that get increased when exposed to bright light and loud noise. You can even get a stiff neck. People often with asthma and having a weaker immune system are exposed to sinus headache more easily. Sinus headache also increases the level of stress, making the person stay confused all the time.

Leaving a sinus headache untreated for a long time can turn out to be very dangerous and life taking at some point. Doctors often prescribe decongestants or antibiotics for sinus headache. Intake of cold juices and humidifiers can be a wise choice to prevent sinus as well.

I hope that the above mentioned information is enough for you to understand about the sinus headache symptoms.

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