How to Be Confident Around Guys?

Being confident around guys is something that every girl faces an issue with. Especially, when the group of guys has that one special guy who she is seriously attracted to you. But, do you know this little fact that guys just love confident girls. Being confident is not only about making an eye contact while talking or showing smartness through word. It should reflect in your overall personality, the way you dress, the way you walk or how you start a conversation.

Here are some of the tips that can help you be more confident around guys the next time you face any situation.

When you are around guys, the first thing that you should note is your posture and how you walk. Don’t droop or hold your head low. Walk straight and hold your head high. Take small steps and don’t be nervous. If you walk too fast, then it makes it quite visible that you want to cross them as fast as you can. Take small steps and gentle ones that are not too fats nor slow. Walk with feminism mixed with boldness.

If you are sitting around with guys, start a conversation on your own. Ask them about their interests and give each of them time to speak. The more you sound interested in their activities and give your comments on them, the more confident your will look. Look for topics that interest guys. Talk about the latest match be it soccer, basketball, baseball anything, but let them know that you are aware of the happenings. If they try to tell you something new, listen and respond in a positive manner.

Dress well. Most of the confidence is reflected through your dressing. Make sure that you have a dress that goes well with the occasion that you are going to. If it is a day outing, you should wear something light and casual that would go well with the mood and the weather. Also, don’t apply heavy makeup, keep it mild and elegant. Choose your jewelry and footwear carefully, so that it matches your dress and you are comfortable walking in the shoes/ sandals. A well-dressed woman who carries herself in any attire elegantly is bound to be the center of attraction.

Make sure that you always make your choice clear when ordering foodstuff. This will let the guys know that you are particular about placing your own orders and would give you a confident look. Also, when deciding on going out together, have your own suggestions. Add in a humor to everything that you say, but make sure that you don’t overdo it. Keep your talks crisp and to the point. This gives a confident look to you and also a “don’t mess with me” attitude.

Being confident is all about how gracefully you manage to talk and express your thoughts with clarity. So, the next time that you are around guys, don’t be nervous and chicken out rather hold up yourself and be confident on what you are talking about, have an attitude and put it in the right place.


  1. very nice, really works

  2. But what if a girl gets REALLY nervous around guys? This certainly won't help if that's the case…

  3. I liked your article, I thought the tips were very detailed and straight to the point, but I thought the tips you gave me were on several other websites and it's very obvious.

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