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Usually women are not very good at expressing their feelings, especially when it comes to making it visible to guys. However, when you use your body language to make your feelings prominent to guys, they are surely to take notice of it. If you are shy and confused on how to flirt with a guy, then here are some tips that might help you out.

Make an eye contact. The first tip on flirting with a guy is to make an eye contact. Usually in normal conversation we also use eye contact but it is of the mild type. When you wish to flirt with a guy make this eye contact more intense and continuous. This will make it very clear that you are interested in the guy and are listening to his conversation carefully. When you make eye contact also make sure you smile at the appropriate moments and run your fingers through your hair. This makes you more noticeable.

You can try using your lips and play with them. This is one of the most common flirting tips used by women. Biting your lower lip and moistening them with your tongue when you talk to the guy can make you look seductive. This distracts most of the men from the conversation and pulls the attention to you. Rub your neck to let your natural sensuality rule. This gives an inviting look to the guy and he will be more interested in you.

Dress well and be updated. Guys get attracted to girls who dress up well quickly. If you have always been carrying the tomboyish look and expect a guy to get attracted then it’s your mistake. Guys usually go in for physical attraction in the in the first instance, so put on that killer dress and present yourself confidently. However, don’t forget to be sweet and vulnerable; guys generally love girls who are sweet in the way they talk and also love the caring nature that usually girls have. So make sure that you have all the feminism wrapped in the best way when you talk to a guy.

When flirting with a guy, let him talk about himself. Guys love to talk about themselves, their work and things of their interest. Listen to what they are saying and be sure to be attentive. Guys are no less than girls and love to get complimented. So look for the right moments, and compliment them in the best way you can. When a guy praises you, don’t brush off the compliment, this will make a guy think that you are not interested in him. Take the compliment gracefully and add a few notes to it, so that you make it quite visible that you like him.

If you wish to flirt with a guy keep these tips in mind. They are sure to grab his attention and get attracted by you. Guys are more open to flirting than girls, and it is not very difficult for girls to get the attention of any guy. However, make sure that you don’t go overboard and limit yourself to what you are. Often, the flirting might be taken in a different meaning, so make sure that you make it a healthy one.

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