What Do Women Look for in Men?

Women have always been an ambiguity to men. The way their moods change in seconds, how they would just be normal and courageous to face any situation, and the second moment they would be crying their heart out. Men and women are quite different from each other and react in different ways. Ever wondered what the girl next door wants to see in you to decide that you are her man? Well, if you are looking for traits that women look for in men, here are five top traits that make a man irresistible for a woman.

1. Confidence: Women naturally associate confidence to a complete man. Unless you are confident, you will not be able to win the trust of a woman. A confident man always seems to be a protective barrier to a woman. If you have confidence, then you can be at the top of the list for women.

2. Determination: If you are strong in your determination, you are likely to attract a woman easily. Women usually like men who have set goals in life, and work to achieve these goals with determination. However, the problem with most of the men is that they are scared to make any decision because of the dilemma that hangs whether the decision would be right or wrong. It is important that as a man, you should start analyzing the pros and cons of making a decision and be bold enough to decide what would be the best for you.

3. Emotional Strength: In contradiction to men, women usually do not look out for physical attraction in a man. They like to look into the inner qualities. You should be tough not from outside but inside. You should be able to provide that support to your girl in any problematic situation, and help her cope with it rather than getting affected by her emotions and breaking down yourself. Women feel protected and strong with such men and can easily open up to them in case of any problem.

4. Honesty: Another main quality that women love in men. You should never lie to your girl no matter what the issue is. Be truthful with your past and also what you have in the present. Women are ever forgiving when it comes to the man whom they love. So never hide anything from her and be honest. You should also be able to take up any responsibility and should be reliable. Having a combination of reliability, honesty and responsibility would make it easy for you to win the heart of the woman you love.

5. Sense of Humor: If you have a good sense of humor, then you are sure to flatter the woman whom you love. Women love to laugh, and what can be better than having a man that can make her laugh. Having a good sense of humor is always counted as a positive trait by women.

If you possess these qualities, then you can surely win her over. Be honest, polite, decent, make her smile and your work is done.

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  1. Anonymous Reply
    June 23, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    I posess these qualities and didn't get the ladies…

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