How to Get Rid of Stuffy Nose

It is very hard to live with stuffy nose all the time. It is essential to take essential measures to reduce the problem. Especially, in children it is a must as a great number of child deaths are reported every year due to clogging of nose during sleep at nights. The following are some of the measures that can be used to get rid of the problem.

• The immediate thought that arises about curing nasal congestion is the use of nasal sprays. Though they are found to give immediate relief, it is not recommended to use these nasal sprays regularly. They are drugs and there is a great chance that you get addicted to it and cannot live without it. They are costly and you will have to carry them wherever you go.

• A massage technique helps to relieve nasal congestion very easily. This involves massaging the regions behind the earlobes, corner of the eyes near the nose and at the corner of the nostrils. However, it offers a temporary solution and the problem reverts after sometime. But, the advantage is that it is quite natural without use of any drugs and free of cost.

• An easy home remedy to get rid of stuffy nose is the use with steam. You can either have a hot shower for a prolonged period or steam that comes from boiling water placed in a bowl.

• Yoga exercises that concentrate more on breathing give perfect results.

• Saline nose sprays are used by some people to get rid of the problem of stuffy nose.

• Cold medicines like Tylenol or Nyquil give effective results for stuffy nose.

• Never sleep immediately under the fan or in a room with air conditioner. It will worsen the problem. Wrapping yourself in a blanket helps to reduce the problem to a great extent.

• Boil ¼ tsp of salt in water and then place a few drops of this solution in the nostrils.

• Hot soups, milk or any other hot liquid you love to have helps to relieve the congestion.

• Ginger has a great medicinal value. Consuming small amount of ginger twice a day gets rid of stuffy nose very easily. It also reduces the root cause of nose congestion; it gets rid of the mucus that is trapped in the air passages.

• A mixture of tulsi, lemon juice and honey if consumed regularly reduces the incidence of stuffy nose.

• Avoid consuming refrigerated foods.

• Cardamom seeds are highly effective in curing stuffy nose. Just powder a few seeds, wrap them in a cloth and place it underneath the pillow. You can even roast the seeds on a pan and then inhale the smoke that comes from burning cardamoms.

• Onion also gives effective results.

In a rush to get rid of the problem of stuffy nose a great number of people blow their nose very hard. This will not get the mucus out but causes damage to the eardrum. Hope all the above measures provide you with a solution to get rid of stuffy nose.


  1. Article does not give cause of blocked nose!

  2. This should list the types of Tylenol you should take and the directions to the massage technique.

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