Picking Up on the Early Symptoms Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis, otherwise known as MS is a degenerative disease of the body’s Myelin; a protective sheath which coats nerves in the brain, spinal cord and the eyes. While it is degenerative, when it’s caught early enough the length of a good quality life can be extended with medication. This means this if the disease runs in a person’s family then they may benefit hugely from picking up on early symptoms multiple sclerosis presents with, so that it can be treated as soon as possible.

Depending on which part of the body is affected, different early symptoms may occur. These could be problems with sight, taste, smell or hearing or problems with motor movements. During early MS these will mostly fluctuate rapidly between being particularly bad to getting better. While it seems that the condition might be ‘going away’ when symptoms get better, unfortunately this is actually one of the main symptoms and is simply indicative of myelin repair until it is damaged again. You may notice that symptoms worsen following a bad cold or flu virus, or after being exposed to fluctuating temperatures. Although the actual cause or causes of Multiple Sclerosis are unknown, it is thought that the condition is caused by a faulty or over protective immune system, which could be one reason why cold and flu viruses often exacerbate symptoms.

These are not the only early symptoms multiple sclerosis presents with, however. Sufferers may regularly feel numb, tingling pins and needles type sensations in various parts of their body, which is indicative of damage to the brain myelin. Itching, burning sensations and pain in parts of the body which have not been affected by anything external are more unpleasant early symptoms multiple sclerosis unfortunately causes. Other early symptoms multiple sclerosis can cause include blindness or loss of sight and a lack of balance. These are certainly frightening symptoms to experience, which is why they must not be ignored and anyone who finds they suffer from things like this should not assume they are ‘okay’ when they disappear as suddenly as they start. MS can be debilitating and catching it early could make the difference between being bed bound for weeks on end and being able to function adequately while you suffer and attack.

While the progression or existence of MS in a person’s body cannot be wholly prevented if it is caught early and the early symptoms multiple sclerosis causes are noticed, further relapses can be made to be less severe. This is usually done using medication such as steroids but other treatments have been proven to help, such as changing diet to one that’s more healthy and undergoing physiotherapy to help with pain, balance and motor movements.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, whether they are present now or now and you feel they could be indicative of multiple sclerosis then it’s important that you visit your doctor. Even if tests are inconclusive and the symptoms reveal nothing it could make the difference between immediate treatment and treatment that takes weeks or months if you do have MS and suffer a relapse.

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