Multiple Sclerosis Warning Signs

MS is a degenerative disease of the myelin sheaths which protect the central nervous system. Unfortunately for sufferers, multiple sclerosis warning signs are often inconclusive and come and go rapidly. Some may be very mild, such as a slight tingling in the ends of the fingers which cannot lead to a definitive diagnosis unless tests are carried out.

Sometimes, however, multiple sclerosis warning signs are easy to detect if a person knows they have a genetic predisposition to the condition (i.e. it runs in their family and a relative has suffered before). In such cases it can be possible to reduce the severity of future ‘attacks’ or ‘flare ups’ with medication and therapy and this is usually immensely useful.

It is first very important to understand what exactly the disease is before you can understand what multiple sclerosis warning signs might occur. In MS the myelin sheaths of the central nervous system are affected, which more specifically means that nerves in the brain, eyes and spinal column may become damaged. In turn this can cause problems with sight, balance and simple motor movements. Sufferers may feel burning, itching or painful sensations in various areas of their bodies. There may be mental problems too such as a loss of memory and shortened concentrations span, and other multiple sclerosis warning signs such as slurred speech, problems in having bowel movements, dizziness and lethargy.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then you should not immediately assume they are cause my MS but visit your doctor to see if they are definitely multiple sclerosis warning signs instead. On the other hand many people assume that nothing is wrong when their multiple sclerosis warning signs miraculously disappear. This is in fact a symptom of MS itself and it happens because an area of myelin sheath is damaged but then repaired naturally by the body again. Once a symptom disappears it’s easy to put the severity of this condition to the back of your mind, but the reality is that the faster action is taking the better relapses will be in the future.

Making a diary of your suspected multiple sclerosis warning signs is a great idea as MS symptoms are often made worse after strenuous exercise or after a bad cold virus. If you can determine that your symptoms get worse at these times then this could help your doctor diagnose you much faster and start the process of treatment off right away. Of course, in addition it will allow you to avoid doing certain activities that you know will exacerbate the symptoms and as a result remain much more comfortable.

Multiple sclerosis warning signs are many and varied, including anything from difficulty in making a certain facial expression to a loss of balance. Fortunately there are just as many varied ways to treat and manage this condition, ranging from something as simple as introducing more fruit into the diet to undertaking very specific and detailed physiotherapy.

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