5 Reasons Why People Fake Pregnancy Results

For the majority of the moral people in society the thought of faking pregnancy results is unthinkable. Why would someone choose to do such a thing? It seems odd and very selfish but it happens on occasion and we are here to give you the top five reasons why some women choose to fake pregnancy results:


People will do anything for money, we all know that. A lot of governments also offer substantial benefits to single mothers and this is one reason why women fake pregnancy results. Some will gain benefits and afterwards go about trying to get pregnant however they can so that the easily earned money continues. Others do the same and then plan to have the baby adopted once it is born as adoption money is substantial. They may also do so during a split so that their partner is guilted into paying for the ‘child’ or forced by the courts to pay child support if they are the father. Of course it can be very hard to gain benefits or child support if a baby is never born, but the fees gained just during pregnancy are sometimes considered worth it.


Infertility affects women in a variety of ways, some much worse than others and as a result some women go into denial that they are not pregnant. Emotionally they truly do believe they are pregnant and this behavior is indicative of a serious psychological disorder.

Emotional Manipulation

If a woman is desperate to keep a man from leaving her then she may fake pregnancy results in order to convince him to stay. Of course this is unlikely to work as at some point he will find out she lied, but at the time it may be what feels like the woman’s only choice. Women in this situation are likely to have extremely low self esteem and may be depressed. They need to visit their doctor and receive counseling.

Attention Seeking

Neglect and isolation do awful things to people. Most of us need social acknowledgement and interaction in order to function psychologically and when someone gets ignored they may do almost anything to get attention, including fake pregnancy results. This behavior may also be indicative of a serious psychological problem and should be treated with care and counseling.


This links to reason number two; that women are psychologically unstable and will do anything to feel they have a baby if they are unable. It is rare, but some women go as far as to pretend they are pregnant and then steal a baby or even kidnap pregnant women until they give birth in order to make the pregnancy story look complete. This is the most extreme reason why some women fake pregnancy results but, unfortunately, it does happen.

Hopefully you do not know of anyone who is or has produced fake pregnancy results. If you are experiencing this then it’s important to gain medical or professional advice from a counselor so that they can help this person through any psychological problems, or through the financial hardship they may be facing.


  1. Faking a pregnancy for political gain has occurred in our midst. Is it just too, too absurd and preposterous to ignore documented diverse photographic proof, especially when the mentally-ill perpetrator is allowed to continue with the hoax? What professional will step up and put a "name" to it? A tough nut to crack!

  2. In this article you state "women are psychologically unstable". Is this a misprint or are you serious? If you're serious then you are the one in need of help!

  3. I thought the article was beneficial. I have a friend that I believe has done this and the 2nd comment from the person that left it is childish. Comment 5 said it links to comment 2 dealing with infertility and psychological issues in regards to people that are in denial about not being pregnant. I understood the comment clearly.

  4. Reason no 5 is not a reason to fake a pregnancy. It's an effect, not a cause.

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