Death Causing Effects of Ecstasy


Ecstasy is a stimulant, a kind of drug with mind altering and hallucinogenic properties and most commonly come in the form of a pill, tablet or capsule. The highly addictive nature of ecstasy is similar to that of cocaine and amphetamines. Ecstasy is taken orally; its effects can last from four to six hours, unleashing energy as well as experiencing visual distortions.

Users commonly experience extremely good feelings of relaxation and a reduced level of anxiety. It suppresses the appetite and feelings of fatigue, enabling users to endure all night long parties. Often, users become so high up on the drug, they mix a variety of different drugs and alcohol putting themselves in even higher risk to adverse long-term effects. Most ecstasy users are the young crowd who go to parties and experiment with these drugs without really knowing the bad effects that would happen to their health. What the young people know about ecstasy is that it can bring about high energy to withstand long night hours during parties.

Ecstasy users may experience a “burnout” for about a day or two afterwards, usually characterized by sore, tiredness, and dullness of the mental and physical processes.

Those who are overdose with this drug usually experience panic attacks, overheating, severe dehydration, loss of consciousness and vertigo. Ecstasy raises your body temperature and makes you restless, so you have to keep on moving and your body overheats and your insides literally heat up too. There have been users who have died with body temperatures over 108 degrees.

The effects of ecstasy are very detrimental to one’s health. It causes irreversible long-term damage to the parts of the brain controlling thought and memory. In addition to brain damage, ecstasy abuse decreases the body’s ability to control temperature causing heat stroke and eventually cause death. The use of ecstasy will also cause a wide range of abnormalities such as panic attacks, sleeplessness, flashbacks, hallucinations, and paranoid delusions. Users taking large quantities of ecstasy might develop depression and anxiety disorders.

Users with circulatory or heart disease are at high risk of adverse physical reactions from this drug. They suffer from nausea, tremors and seizures. Users who are pregnant suffer miscarriage and deformities or even death for both mothers and the unborn baby.

The extent of distribution of fake ecstasy pills has added more danger to the use of these drugs. These fake drugs are cheaper than the real ones making these more available to people especially the younger crowd. One can just imagine the negative effects if a user has taken the fake drug into his body system.

Now that you know a little more about ecstasy, you might as well stay away from it. This is the right decision to do if you love yourself and your family. What you get from taking this drug is nothing but the negative effects of it to your health and well being. Stay clean and healthy and never experiment with drugs especially ecstasy. It can kill, and that is an important note for you to always remember.

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  • This is just anti-drug propaganda, with no cited sources or specifics regarding the possible dangers of ecstasy. With real information out there about the risks, why post such a half-assed, non-researched mess as this?

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