Effects of Drugs and Alcohol in Your Career

The abuse and use of drugs and alcohol can pose serious health problems; some more serious than you would ever think. Drug and alcohol abuse are big problems for everyone involved. Families can be destroyed and careers greatly damaged. Injury or death may even result from the effects of addiction.

The bad effects of drugs and alcohol will lead to a downward path to your career. The Negative behavior can destroy the livelihood of an individual, and from time to time it may cause to lose your occupation too. Working while under the influence of alcohol or drugs more often than not changes people, both mentally and physically. Frequently the effects of the changes cause people to make decisions or do things that they wouldn’t otherwise do. They are much more likely to be prone to accidents in their workplace. It changes the way a person thinks and it becomes very difficult to concentrate on whatever the person is doing. The mind fails to make good judgments and the depth of perception is lost.

The whole work organization suffers when drugs and alcohol become a problem within.

When employees don’t report to work, the company needs to compensate sick days and overtime for substitute employees. Poor performance leads to work are not getting done on time and of bad quality. When products and services are not done properly, they need to be redone again. Workplace injuries cost the company more money in employee’s compensation and replacement employees. All of these factors lead to higher cost and this leads to money being spent on training new employees.

The bad performance by the employee will lead to a poor evaluation performance, thereby hampering his opportunities for personal growth within the company. Because of drug and alcohol, the employee may suffer from withdrawals and experience dizziness, nausea, severe headaches and high blood pressure. These may even happen in the workplace and will have negative effects on the employees’ productivity.

Suffice to say that drugs and alcohol don’t mix well with work. It should thoroughly be avoided because of its negative effects. Everything about what you say, do and think is affected. The physical, mental and emotional health of yours will suffer. You make your family and friends worry because you start to behave unruly, violent and at times deceitful at work or even outside work. This behavior will further lead to irresponsible decisions about financial matters in your personal life and also at work.

It all boils down to loving yourself, your family and your work. Now that you know the negative effects of drugs and alcohol, you might as well stay away from these. It is not worth your time.

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