10 Ways to Reduce Waste


Waste products can be from anything, ranging from physical, chemical to biological and environmental pollutants. The waste in your city is a contribution of all the citizens that are residing in the city. If you wish to reduce the waste in your city, then here are the 10 ways in which you can make this possible.

1. Opt for recycling. There are a number of recycling centers that take your waste and separate from them the things that can be recycled and those that cannot be recycled. Usually, these recycling companies have weekly pickups, and you can give your household waste to these companies.

2. There are number of things that you used and easily throw in the trash, despite the fact that it can still be use again (like containers, bottles and sheets). You can easily make some use of these items within your house. Think of creative ways in which you can still use the items before throwing them.

3. Having a water filter is another added advantage to reduce the waste in your city. You can have a water filter for your fridge and avoid using plastic bottles, which can build up a big mass of non-biodegradable products.

4. There are a number of places in your city, especially the highways that needs to be cleaned up. You can volunteer for the cleanliness drive and help a group that has taken up the responsibility. In this way, you will not only be cleaning up your city but also reducing the waste.

5. If you are at a gas station and are thirsty, look for the special washable cups that are made available at most of the eating joints and public places these days. This will help you reduce one added cup to the waste.

6. Say no to plastic bags. This drive has been going on for quite some time now and has been quite effective. Apart from this even when you carry paper bags, try and stuff as much as you can in the bag so that you can reduce the waste of extra bags.

7. Opt for cooking at home. If you cook at home you will be making use of fewer packages and wrappers and also less of pre-made foods. This not only gives you a healthy meal but can also help to keep your city clean.

8. Go in for long lasting products. Even though these products would cost you more but it is advisable that you buy things that are long lasting, so that it can help you save money in the long run and also save the environment.

9. Avoid throwing electronics in the normal trash. This will not only increase the pollution of the environment but also increase the landfill. Opt for giving these away for recycling. Look for electronics like computers that can easily be upgraded.

10. There are a number of hybrid cars that are available in the market these days. Opt to buy these cars, as they would reduce the pollution and also the money that you spend on gas.

If you apply these 10 ways, then you can definitely contribute to reducing the waste in your city. Help and volunteer to keep your city clean.

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