Organic Farming vs Conventional Farming

Organic farming is the method by which agriculturists develop and cultivate vegetables, dairy products, grains, meat and fruits. The method of organic farming has been brought into use to preserve water and soil and also to reduce the pollution that can be caused because of faming. Organic farming does not involve any of the conventional farming methods to avoid the diseases that can occur in the livestock and to control pests in the vegetable or fruit farming and for that matter even fertilizer. Organic farming puts into use the natural methods to avoid any harm to the farming.

The organic farming differs from the conventional farming in a number of ways. In conventional farming, synthetic chemicals are made use of to increase the growth of cultivation. However, in organic farming it is preferable to use organic wastes and compost in the form of fertilizers, which can result in increasing the nutrients supplied to the plants.

To get rid of pests and weeds, a conventional farming method would make use of pesticide or insecticides. However, with organic farming, the farmers would prefer making use of birds and some insects that would destroy the harm causing insects. At times, the organic farming would also go through to destroy the mating season of the pests, or even go in for trapping the pests rather than making use of chemicals.

To get rid of weeds, conventional farming methods make use of herbicides. On the other hand, organic farming would prefer going in for rotation of the crops that would prevent the particular weed from destroying a plant. Also, organic farmers would prefer going in for hand picking of the weeds or tilling to control the weed growth.

When it comes to poultry and dairy conventional farming, these would opt for feeding the animals with antibiotics and growth hormones to prevent diseases and the increase of the production and growth of the animals. In contrary, when organic farming is applied, then it makes use of organic foods to be fed for proper and healthy growth of animals. The animals are left in open, so that they can get a fresh environment to grow in a healthy manner. Organic farming aims at providing the animals with a balanced and clean diet so that any disease can be prevented. Also, where the animals are housed, the area should be kept clean to prevent spread of any infection.

Off late the organic food has gained a lot of popularity as they are being considered as healthy because of the methods that are used in the farming of these foods. There are concerns over the pesticides that are used on food and the growth hormones that are injected into poultry, whether they would be good for the healthy development of humans or not. Organic foods, not only promise to give you and your family a healthy meal, as they are not genetically modified and also do not contain any preservatives, but also help you in saving the environment and the ecosystem.


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