Natural Remedies for Pain Relief

Pain is a very uncomfortable feeling that can affect the way you live. It can prevent you from normally doing your activities at work and at home. Pain is a very personal thing that it differs from one person to another, and how to cope with it depends on the person’s attitude and personal goal to get relief from it. People rely on medicines and drugs for their pain relief. There have been studies that offer more natural remedies to bring pain relief as alternative cures. It is just a matter of gaining some practical knowledge on how to use natural remedies to get the necessary pain relief you want for the longest time possible.

Many herbal and home remedies have been formulated with specific ingredients to help all affected parts in the body to address pain effectively. The ingredient Arnica is used to treat shock, injury and for post-operative care and also helps to control bleeding. It is often prescribed to help with post-childbirth pain, as well as joint and muscle pain and fever.

The herb meadowsweet has an anti inflammatory and pain relieving action properties which has no side effects like stomach ulcers. It is similar to aspirin but with lesser side effects.

There are other herbs which are good to relieve pain such as the Boswellia, which has been used for hundreds of years by Indians to treat arthritis and reduce swelling. Further studies proved that it is also a good cure for asthma and a good relief for osteoarthritis.

Bee pollen and bee venom is good for arthritis and joint pain. The use of white willow bark and cayenne also help reduce pain in general. An herb known as Feverfew has been used for hundreds of years and relieves pain for headaches, migraines, as well as pains over the whole body.

A warm compress of apple cider vinegar (though it may smell) will help ease out the pain in the muscle areas. The soaking of the body in a warm to a very warm bath with Epsom salts daily will helps to relieve pain. The salts actually begin to flow into your skin to release tension and pain.

Eat more fish because this contains omega 3 (fish oil) which can reduce the amount of pain and inflammation throughout the body. Fish oil can also clean up your arteries, relieve constipation, prevent heart disease, thin your blood and help lower your cholesterol.

Crab and lobsters are very good meal choices for people dealing with osteoarthritis. They are rich in Glucosamine which is needed to build up more cartilage in the joints and Chondroitin which helps in better absorption. Both are also available as supplements and are safe to take because they have no side effects.

Mussels are also good to add to your diet as these contain pain-relieving extracts. The good thing in eating these is the fact that they contain antihistamine, omega 3’s, and glucosamine – all of which calm inflammation.

Yoga can do wonders for you to stay pain-free. The exercises are designed to relax the body and breathe while bringing you back into balance.

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  1. Anonymous Reply
    December 16, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    This needs to be updated. New research reports that fish oil does not have many of the beneficial effects we thought it did. The claims for the various herbs need to be supported by references to reputable studies. For example, can the ingestion of these herbs cause stomach problems or even increase cancer risk?

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