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Constipation is a fairly common problem amongst cats. If you notice your cat not participating in bowel movements at least once a day, then most likely your cat is suffering from constipation. While occasional constipation shouldn’t bother you or your cat, chronic constipation can have serious implications. Although seen frequently amongst elderly cats, it can affect cats of all ages.

Lack of fluid, ingesting hair, medications, idiopathic, inactivity and improper food intake can result into constipation in your pets. While the list of causes and its occurrence is something to worry about, one would be happy to know that this condition can be managed with some simple home remedies.

Loss of appetite, frequent visits to the litter box, weight loss, depression, crying, vomiting, infrequent or no bowel movements are the possible signs by which one can recognize that their cat is suffering from constipation.

Below are a few tips to assist you in dealing with cat constipation.


Feeding your cat with pumpkin can help your cat fight this bothersome constipation problem. Make sure that you grab a fresh pumpkin from outdoors, and then cut it into slices before boiling it in water. Add this to your cat’s meal twice or thrice a day, and see the constipation problem running away.


Milk is the favorite food item amongst cats. Use this to your advantage, and add raisins into boiled milk before feeding it to your cat. Milk is said to contain properties that eases the bowel movements amongst cats. Feed them with milk mixed with raisins twice or thrice a day.


Most cats are poor water drinkers. Make sure that your cat gets plenty of water throughout the day. It is vital for the digestion process, and overall health of the cat. You can try adding water to their food items, whenever you can.


Fiber is another important component which should be a part of your pet’s diet while suffering from constipation. Lack of fiber in the diet can often result in constipation, which is why it is important to feed them with fiber rich food items, to cover the fiber deficit present in their body. If you are buying processed food from outside, check the label of the food item to see its fiber contents, and accordingly make the purchase decision.

Physical Activities

Play around with your pet, as this will help them in the digestion process. Lack of physical activities also contributes to the cause of constipation, which is why it imperative to involve them in some kind of activities to ease their bowel movements.

Regular bowel movement is an indication of good health, whether it’s human or pets. If you find your pet suffering from constipation, make sure to use the above domestic products, or take advice from a veterinarian for a complete cure.

Cats are undoubtedly the next favorite household pets after dogs. It’s our responsibility to cure them of all the ailments; after all most pet owners consider them a part of their extended family.

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