Explore the Common Causes of Hives

Commonly known as urticaria, hives is a skin condition which appears in the form of red bumps on the human body. According to recent studies, hives are said to affect around 20% of the population at some point in their life. There is no specific age at which an individual may fall prey to hives. However, individuals in their thirties are more prone to this skin condition.

They can appear on any part of the human body. Also the size may vary from person to person. One may have no control over the size and area of its occurrence. They usually last for 6 weeks, unless one is severely affected.

In some cases, figuring out the cause of hives can be a daunting task in itself. One needs to consult a good specialist, in order to discover the root cause of hives, and to eliminate it. It is extremely important to start the treatment as quickly as possible after all the possible diagnoses are conducted.

Let’s learn about the major causes of hives amongst individuals across the world.


One might already know the dreadful effects of stress on the human body. The list of ailments associated with stress is huge and never ending. It’s one amongst the most common causes of hives as well. Stress produces chemicals called adrenaline and cortisol which creates an imbalance within the body, ultimately leading to the outbreak of hives. Stress is perhaps an unavoidable element in the modern society, which is why the list of people suffering from hives, is denoting an upward trend with every passing year. Stress upsets the normal equilibrium of the body releasing hormones in excess, thus triggering the occurrence of hives very often amongst individuals overburdened with stress.


Any kind of allergy can trigger the outbreak of hives. Allergy to food items, drugs, cosmetics and insect bite can stimulate hives amongst individuals. Medical supervision is a must in treating hives caused due to any kind of allergy.


Latex is a substance that can contribute to the cause of hives. Many people are sensitive towards latex. Food items like chestnuts, bananas, kiwi, avocado contains chemicals similar to that of latex. Intake of these food items can cause an allergic reaction, thus contributing to the cause of hives amongst people.

Other Causes

Exposure to sunlight, heat and cold can also result into hives. One should avoid tight clothes, contact with soaps and detergents, for a faster recovery.

There are several conventional as well as home remedies available for the cure of hives. Upon proper treatment they show signs of fading, and after a few weeks they disappear completely. Although they are very comfortable to possess, they can be cured completely without leaving behind any permanent scar marks, unlike other skin conditions.

Hives are not contagious, and a person need not stay isolated when affected by this skin condition. However, it has the potential to disrupt your daily activities with constant itching and burning sensation, which is why immediate treatment is a must.

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