Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas

Forgetting someone’s birthday is a terrible feeling. You’ve often been well meaning in your plans to supply them with their card and present on time until things get busy… then it creeps up on you and before you know it you’re noticing all the messages on their Facebook wall from other people… Time is short, maybe they even live with you… You now have two options – quickly think of a last minute birthday gift and drop it round, or come clean and admit your failing – coming across as disorganised and uncaring. My advice? Go with the former. So you need some last minute birthday gift ideas, a whole bunch of which I’ve listed here for your convenience.

Homemade Chocolates – This is something that can be done quickly using items from around your house but that shows thoughtfulness and originality. To make them all you’ll need is a chocolate bar, some shot glasses, some fruit, yogurt and chocolate mousse. First, take the chocolate bar and melt it in the microwave (it normally takes about two minutes on full power). Now fill the shot glasses with the chocolate but first line them with foil (alternatively you can make them without the shot glasses by just shaping the foil, though this can be tricky). Make sure you do use foil or you won’t be able to remove your chocolates once they’ve dried. Once you have though, hollow out the middles then think of your filling. Depending on your time limit you can melt various different flavours of chocolate to add further variety and could even decorate a box with the contents explained.

Subscription – A magazine subscription makes a great last minute gift as it can be taken out online. This way you can merely tell them that you’ve taken it out without having to actually give them anything. A subscription is also a great gift as it lasts for the whole year and represents a significant saving on the magazine. There’s nothing better than opening post to find something other than a bill in there…

Tickets – Similar to a subscription, buying tickets online means you don’t have to actually give them anything on the day. Depending on the nature of your relationship or budget you could book a concert, a show, or something cheaper. A simple text with ‘Happy Birthday, your tickets should arrive soon’ makes you look as though you thought ahead of time while at the same time actually making a really great gift and leaving some suspense as to what the gift is. You could even lie and say you’ve booked it before you actually do… ‘Hey did you forget my birthday?’, ‘Nope, tickets are booked and probably dispatching as we speak’ – followed by a secretive wink.

Days Out – Rather than a concert or show why not book them something they’re unlikely to forget (or say you have and do it later). Again this way you don’t have to give it to them on the day but it’s something that they probably would enjoy more than just another DVD or CD anyway. Furthermore you can have it nicely presented as a ‘gift voucher’ in many cases. Great options include spa days, classic car rentals, photo shoots, lessons in something unusual, flights in planes or hot air balloons… the list goes on. Just browse online for inspiration.

Gift Voucher – Gift vouchers are designed specifically for people who can’t or don’t want to think of a decent gift idea… and right now that’s you. If you live near a shopping area you can find them easily enough in pretty much any clothes shop, media store or department store and you should be able to find what you’re looking for. Alternatively if you happen to have an old gift voucher lying around from a distant aunt or something you can always give them that in a card…

Wine or Champagne – If you happen to have some fine wine or champagne lying around you can pass this off as a gift too (make sure it’s decent though). Alternatively you can always buy some from up the road. Champagne always goes down well even if it is a little unimaginative. Put a bow or ribbon on it and you’re laughing.

Gift Basket – The problem with the wine/champagne idea is that it might be a bit obvious that you’ve just picked something up with no thought what so ever. A way you can solve this problem is to pick up several things then present them in a way that looks as though you’ve used forethought and creative flair. Almost anything you’ve got to hand can go in a gift basket – chocolates, biscuits, wine, spirits, nibbles, fruit… Just decide on a loose theme and then package the things together nicely in either a basket or a nice gift bag – again whatever you’re got to hand. This way it looks like more effort has gone into it and people won’t consider the fact that you might literally have just thrown those things together.

Photo Frame – If it’s someone that you don’t need to spend too much on, a photo frame can make a great last minute birthday gift idea. Buy a nice frame (or even use one of yours) and then put a nice photograph of the two of you in it – tada! If you want it to look like you’ve spent a little more effort and you have the talent you can always alternatively draw a picture of the two of you in a pencil sketch, or a general sketch or painting of say a landscape that you might have done previously and feel able to part with.

Flowers – For women flowers nearly always are a hit. You can order these online for next day delivery if you have enough time, buy some from down the road, or even pick them from a garden or local field/forest. It’s old fashioned chivalry… and it’s also quick and cheap!

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