Fatigue: Why Am I So Tired?

Tiredness or fatigue is a common occurrence. It’s a frequent health complain which every individual experiences at some point or the other due to several reasons. It mainly occurs due to lack or exhaustion of energy within the body. A tired person feels weak, drowsy and weary with very little energy within him or her.

Some people tend to feel tired very early in comparison to others. This can disrupt their day to day routine, including their productivity at work. Tiredness can occur due to endless number of reasons. It depends upon the physical and mental condition of the person, along with the activities one performs. Let’s examine the common causes of tiredness amongst individuals.

Inadequate Sleep

Lack of sleep is a common culprit for tiredness. Money, family pressure and an ambitious mind have left most individuals with little time to sleep. Our busy schedules do not allow us to sleep the recommended number of hours prescribed by the experts. Experts reckon 6 to 8 hours of sleep on daily basis, depending upon the lifestyle one follows. If you have inadequate sleep, then you are bound to feel tired. Our mind and body needs adequate rest to fully refuel energy from within, in order to perform on its full potential. Poor quality of sleep will not only invite tiredness, but will also welcome many unwanted ailments in the long run.

Unhealthy Diet

Lack of proper nutrients in the food can cause tiredness amongst individuals. Food acts like a fuel to the body, refilling one with energy each time one consumes something to eat. Inadequate nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates create an imbalance within the body, thus depriving one from the much needed energy to eliminate early tiredness.


Tiredness and stress go hand in hand. Stress often results into a tired mind and body. They release unwanted hormones which are responsible for depleting the body with the much desired energy. Prolonged stress can also lead to severe health problems along with reoccurrence of early tiredness.


Experts always suspected depression to be a possible cause of tiredness. This fact was proved upon further studies. Depression has the potential to rob your body off the required energy in no time, make you feel alone and tired most of the time. A depressed person is more prone to get tired sooner in comparison to a regular person, while performing the same task. If you are stuck with depression for long, then consulting a good doctor is a must.

Heart diseases, obesity, low blood sugar, liver and other infections can also lead to fatigue. Certain allergies can also cause tiredness. In such cases, one needs to cure the underlying medical problem, in order to get rid of tiredness.

Fatigue can be crushed with proper nutrition, adequate sleep and regular exercise. All of these should be performed on consistent basis to eradicate its frequent occurrence. One can seek a doctor’s advice, if tiredness is a bypass product due to any other serious ailment, or if the problem is prevalent, despite your best efforts.

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  1. From this I admit I am tired for only my inadequate sleep……..! Now I will look for overcome from it…..

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