Know the Foods That Can Cause Constipation

If you are prone to constipation then you will know how unpleasant this can be and you will likely go to lengths to try to avoid triggering it. One of the most obvious ways to do this is through your diet, by increasing the amount of water and fiber you consume, but likewise to avoid foods that can cause constipation. But what are these foods that trigger the problem? Here we will examine foods that can cause constipation and give a little detail as to why that might be the case.

Processed Foods

Processed foods include things like fast food and ready meals which are usually high in fat and low in dietary fiber – two things that should send your bowels running to the hills. Fiber is not digested by our body and so it passes straight through the digestive tracts helping to ‘clear out’ blockages and encourage healthy bowel movements. At the other end of the scale fats are the last food group to be digested and are slow to pass through the gastrointestinal tract into the small intestine and colon. This ‘clogs up’ the system and results in our body being slow to eradicate foods. Avoid ready meals, fast food, whole milk, cheese and dairy in general.

Red Meat

High in fat and generally tough and difficult to digest, red meat should be avoided if you’re currently struggling with constipation which means lamb and beef.


Caffeine causes more frequent urination thus resulting in dehydration. This then in turn causes us to have more solid stool which in turn can lead to constipation.


Alcohol not only causes dehydration like caffeine, but it also slows the digestion right down – the combination of which means you’re more likely to suffer constipation (you’ll notice in the morning you often have a rather large movement and this is the reason why).

Spicy Foods

Most of us are familiar with the effects of spicy food on our bowel movements and this can lead to very difficult and painful movements the next day.


Binders are foods that thicken your stool and this gives them the opposite utility almost to fibers. While these foods are great for combating diarrhea, they are not what you want when you struggle with constipation. Two culprits are bananas and rice.


Constipation is a common side effect of many medications. If you are struggling with such problems, then you should consider looking at any current medication, read the labels and consult your doctor.

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